5 botanical skincare ingredients you’ve probably never heard of but need...

When it comes to skincare, the beauty industry is no stranger to seasonal buzzwords, social media hacks and trending ingredients. In the last year...



Diary of a micro-needling treatment: All you need to know

When the wonderful Danielle Viljoen from Wildlife Beauty approached me about a micro-needling treatment, I was very keen to try it out. I'd been hearing...
Tips for making dreams come true

Make 2018 the year you step up and follow your dreams

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I’ve had enough, I’ve tried this many times and failed' or ‘I’ve used up all my chances' or 'I...

Jo’s hormonal month in review: Was it too early to celebrate?

December: A month of madness, Christmas craziness, fun and hormonal confusion. Was it premature to celebrate? Yes, it bloody well was. I had been feeling pretty bloody...
running isn't the best way to lose weight

Running is a great form of exercise but will it really help you lose...

Losing weight is essentially about energy balance, if you want to drop some body fat then you are going to have to burn more...

‘We are ‘peri’, not stupid’: Dr Ginni Mansberg answers your questions on perimenopause

I asked the fabulous Dr Ginni Mansberg to answer some of our most commonly asked questions about perimenopause. Below are a selection of the questions...
what the actual

What the actual f**k?

This is not going to be an eloquently written piece, or really a well-thought-out piece, because I am writing it from the heart, I...
A vegan christmas nightmare

A Vegan Dinner Party? Help! Someone Send Me A Recipe!

Disclaimer. I love my husband and I think his family are okay – not too many complaints there. Righto, that’s out of the way now...

Is my skin trying to tell me something?

Beauty comes from within, literally. What’s happening with your skin is often a direct indication of what’s going on in your gut. It’s important to...
south coast accommodation

NSW South Coast secrets: Where to eat, stay and play

We have to admit, as transplanted Kiwis in Sydney we were a little late to the party when it came to celebrating the many...


Fiona Horne rocks 50

Ageless Aussie Singer Fiona Horne Shares Her Secrets To Rockin’ 50

“Don’t get older, get better,” implores front-woman of Aussie electro-rock band Def FX Fiona Horne in her tell-all new memoir, The Naked Witch. Now 51,...

Exclusive book and $150 voucher giveaway: Future-proof your working life

Now more than ever, we need to take charge of the working years we have left to build a nest egg for our retirement. But...
gran travels world solo

Insta-Hero: Meet The 90-Year-Old Gran Putting Us All To Shame!

If you think your most adventurous travel days are behind you, take a look at what go-getting gran Yelena Yerkhova has been up to...
life lessons for younger self

20 Life Lessons I Wish I’d Learned In My Twenties

Youth is wasted on the young: George Bernard Shaw sure got that right. If only you...
teddy coat chic

The Teddy Coat: Fashionable, snuggly, and oh so cool

The Teddy Coat. I’ve been looking at these snuggly, large, oversized beauties for ages. I...

Boogie Child: I’m So Glad I Didn’t Grow Up In Any Other Decade

Listen up all you millennials. I know you think you are pretty special with all...
menopause experts

How to thrive through menopause with nutrition experts Lee Holmes and Belinda Kirkpatrick

Nutritionists Lee Holmes from Supercharged Food and Belinda Kirkpatrick have helped thousands of women to...
Be Brave and take a chance

How I Snapped Out Of Groundhog Day And Finally Started Living

Are the 50s when we start to live fully? Since starting on my book project...


Ethical transparency with fashion label Adrift

One of the first things that drew me towards working with the Brisbane-based fashion label Adrift was their ethical transparency. In a world where ‘fast...


Airlie Beach heart of the reef

5 Reasons For A Long Weekend In The Heart Of The...

They breed ‘em hardy around these parts. Just five months after a category four cyclone tore through Airlie Beach, the vibrant tropical gateway to the...

Product review: The shower gel that makes you feel like you’re...

Indulge your skin senses with the new shower gel range from Nivea featuring lemongrass and Hawaii flower. I love a shower gel, especially one that...

Beautiful clothing for every woman. Always.

I started working with Adrift fashion as an ambassador for many reasons, but one of the biggest was the brand's respect for women of...
questions for your doctor

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Doctor Next Time You Visit

So you've been watching your diet and exercising regularly and can't remember the last time you saw your doctor? Congratulations, you are an inspiration to...