12 Reasons Why Yoga Will Transform Your Life This Summer


Yoga is the oldest form of self-development, dating back thousands of years, originating in India.

It is a union between the body and mind and breath. Yoga cultivates health and wellbeing through the regular practice of postures called asanas, breath awareness, relaxation and meditation.

There is a yogic saying that when we came upon this planet we were given a number of breaths, and it is up to us how we use them! says Erika Remnant, of My Radiant Health, who also teaches gentle yoga for mature students at the Kirribilli Community Centre in Sydney.

Yoga has amazing benefits for 50 somethings

By slowing down our breath, says Erika, we are brought into a quiet space, calming down the nervous system.

“Many people think yoga is something for the young, or more flexible in body, or perhaps think that they could never sit still and quiet their mind.

“But in all reality, yoga can be so beneficial for anybody.”

Erika says we sit at our desks with our rounded backs, sunken chests, and heads forward, which affects our breathing and can cause other health problems.

By strengthening, lengthening, and stretching and moving the spine in all directions – forward, back, sideways and twists – we nourish the body systems creating space between the vertebrae, avoiding the rounding and shortening so common in later life.

Yoga is great for reducing stress

Erika says the benefits are endless, including:

• Improving circulation
• Balancing blood pressure
• Balancing blood sugar
• Improving balance and posture
• Reducing stress
• Calming the mind
• Strengthening immune system
• Releasing tension
• Stronger bones
• Flexible joints
• Promoting deeper restful sleep
• Quieting of our mind

There are many different forms of yoga, some faster paced than others.

“If you are new to yoga I encourage you to try a gentler form like Hatha, where much emphasis is to warm up the body slowly.

“Therapeutic yoga or restorative yoga is another specific type of yoga that can help with any limitations.

Yoga will transform your life

“Whatever you decide, take your time finding what works best for you, and find a qualified teacher you resonate with.

“We really are as young as our spine, and it’s never too late to start!”

For more information, recipes and a complimentary consultation by Erika, click here.


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