A gadget to fix your bad posture. What will they think of next?

posture problems

Bad posture will catch up with you sooner or later, especially if you’re stuck at a desk for most of the working day.

So, when we were sent a nifty little gadget proclaiming to be our own personal posture trainer, who wouldn’t want to give that a try, right?

Called the Upright Go 2, the tiny device – about the size of a dishwasher tab – sticks discreetly to your upper back thanks to reusable hypoallergenic strips and sends you short painless vibration-reminders to stop slouching.

All you need to set it up is to download the accompanying Upright app for your smartphone and synchronise it via Bluetooth.

The app then walks you through some easy steps to set a benchmark it can read to differentiate between your correct posture and when it all starts to go south.

You also get a handy tracking log of your every move that gives you a history of when you are sitting and standing in the right positions.

The makers promise a difference in just two weeks but I’d say that would depend on how diligent and motivated you are about using it – and how serious your back and/or neck issues are to begin with.

Like anything, forming good habits after years of bad ones, takes time, especially for this chronic sufferer.

Almost instantly I found myself sitting straighter to preempt the vibration, but as to whether it will have any long-term health impacts, it’s still too early to tell.

After a few days I also throttled back to just 15 minutes a day of training mode while sitting, and switched to tracking mode, which gives you posture feedback, without the vibrations. I found I was being ‘pinged’ for what weren’t really posture infringements; more just changing of positions to perform everyday working tasks, like loading paper into the printer.

So, is it worth the $149 price tag? It’s got to be better for your body than endlessly restocking the Voltaren and paracetamol supplies, and anything that helps you form good habits gets our tick of approval.

The Upright Go 2 also acts as a daily reminder of just much better – and more confident – you can instantly feel adopting better posture.

Just keep in mind that it won’t necessarily be a cure-all for more serious underlying issues, more a handy tool that can be used in conjunction with an overall healthier lifestyle.

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