Body shaming: It has to stop

This is Elle Macpherson. She’s tall, she’s naturally slim and this is her body.

While I love my much shorter body, and more curvier shape, I think she looks beautiful. It’s her beautiful, just like your body is beautiful, it’s yours.

I’m not saying this is the ideal shape, because there is no ideal shape.

Elle posted these images to her Instagram account, and was accused of photoshopping  and also told she was too thin.

Firstly, I was lucky enough to see her in Fiji, this is exactly what she looks like! In fact, she looks better in real life and secondly, this image is about her enjoying the moment.

Why focus on what she looks like, much less make hurtful comments about it? I’m not holding these pictures up saying this is the ideal body, nor was she.

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The ideal body is the one you have, the one that gets you from A to B the one that allows you to do what you love.

There is nothing wrong with posting a picture of your body – tall, short, curvy, slim, whatever.

The more insecure, younger, and less confident me probably would have said something less complimentary about these pictures. But that would have been a reflection of my less confident self.

I love these pictures of Elle, and more importantly, that they capture her enjoying this moment.

When I posted this on Instagram and shared my thoughts, Elle commented and thanked me. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, she is beautiful on the inside. The 50sowhatofficial post got a lot of responses, and all of them positive.

We all agreed and while we are entitled to an opinion, let’s not tear anyone down, let’s not troll, bully or belittle someone from the sidelines and act so cowardly from behind the keyboard. It’s pathetic, it’s a reflection of your own insecurities, and it’s simply not nice.

What do I love about the beach pictures of Elle is that she is clearly enjoying a moment. It’s beautiful, the beach is beautiful. She captured a moment in time. Let’s not focus on anything else.

Here’s to posting you, whatever you look like. If you are happy, everyone else should be happy for you.

More acceptance, less hate and much more celebrating ourselves and others in midlife.

Let’s be kind. It’s much nicer for the soul.