Can you really wear tracksuit pants outside the home?

tracksuit tips

Would you dare? I remember my first tracksuit, it was horrible! Pale pink with bright neon pink bands – it was the 80’s after all! I made it in sewing class, so it was doubly horrific.

I have to admit, I did do a double take when I first started seeing the humble trackie back in store, and on numerous Instagram bloggers paired with heels and a blazer. At first I thought they’d lost their mind. Until, I took a closer look and decided they actually looked pretty bloody fabulous, and most of all stylish and obviously comfortable.

The new trackie/jogger is more tailored, it’s more fitted (so no ass hanging on the floor situation), and it seems to be a lot more flattering.

Casual, simple, comfortable and stylish

Either worn with heels (yes, it’s a thing) or paired with sneakers.

Nearly all stores from high end to high street are selling joggers. They are EVERYWHERE.

Would I dare? Absolutely I would. I actually went and purchased some from Witchery – which are a lovely cut and surprisingly flattering.

I pair mine with a plain white tee, sneakers and a long line blazer. I have to admit though, I only wear them at home and running around (e.g. supermarket etc). I’m not brave enough to wear them with heels and head out for the night.

The fabulous Tash Shefton looking gorgeous as always

Top tips

  • The fit and the fabric are key to a tracksuit. You need a more slim-line look and a fabric that is not too bulky.
  • Make sure the length is perfect. If need be get them altered. Mine are just above the ankle.
  • Colour is also important. If you want to look polished (is that even a ‘thing’ in trackies/joggers) then go for a classic darker colour.
  • Joggers look incredible paired with a trench and white tee and sneakers. It looks classic, simple and dare I even say it, chic.

Where to buy

Everyone has joggers. For good quality and a great fit, I think Witchery has a great option, as does Feather and Noise. But most high street stores will have them, Country Road, Cotton On, Seed Heritage, Sportsgirl, Glassons, etc.

The fabulous Ali from Feather & Noise looks incredible

Who can wear them

Anyone. Fashion is all about what you feel great in! There really are not rules, as long as you are happy – go for it.