Diary of a micro-needling treatment: All you need to know


When the wonderful Danielle Viljoen from Wildlife Beauty approached me about a micro-needling treatment, I was very keen to try it out.

I’d been hearing so much buzz about micro-needling and those who know me, know I love trying treatments. I’ve always been fascinated about beauty advancements, and especially those that are non-surgical and ones that help get that ‘glow’ back.

So, here’s my diary of skin-needling, aka micro-needling.

Day one – treatment day

I’m not going to lie, I’m a tad nervous. However, Danielle is fantastic and goes into detail of what to expect in my first treatment. She assures me it should not be painful and at any time to let her know if it is sore, or if I need a break. I’ve been seeing Danielle for years for my facials and eyebrow/lash tints, so I trust her – no questions asked.

My face, neck and chest (I am having all three areas treated) have numbing cream applied, after a thorough clean. We need to wait 20 minutes for the numbing cream to work.

The treatment starts on my forehead. You can hear the noise of the machine (a handheld device and looks like a large pen). It has lots of needles (changed with each patient and each treatment – it is an extremely sterile process) and it sounds like a swarm of bees, or a lawn mower. Don’t be put off, I actually find this noise relaxing – I basically nod off! I cannot feel any pain, it feels like a little scrapping or scratch but not painful at all. As Danielle says, the treatment should never hurt.

Needling starts on my forehead. It looks brutal but I promise it’s not. I couldn’t feel a thing.

After the treatment is finished – it takes around 30 minutes for the actual Derma pen treatment (20 minutes after the numbing – so allow at least an hour or more) my face looks a fright. It’s covered in blood (which is what you want, as this helps stimulate your own collagen). Danielle wipes my face, a mask is applied (which helps cool my face, it feels incredible) and then I am put under the led lights (which help heal) for another 20 minutes. I’m feeling very pampered.

Directly after the treatment my face is red, bright red! But this is what you want. I apply a vitamin cream constantly the first day and night, as my face is very dry (all normal). The hub gets a hell of a fright when I walk in the door!

Day two

My face is still red (to be expected). I am applying the vitamin cream a lot (which is good, as it helps the skin heal and also keeps it hydrated). If I am going outside, I apply a zinc sunscreen and wear a hat. Your skin needs to be protected. Do not go out in the skin!

Day three & four

The redness has subsided. My skin is still a bit dry and flaky (to be expected) but the vitamin repair cream is incredible. I am still a bit red in patches, but it’s nothing major and I can see my skin is glowing.

Day five

My skin feels great. All redness has gone, the dryness has subsided and I am more than happy to be seen barefaced. The flaking has also gone.

The below pictures are day’s 1-3, post needling. The skin is red and patchy, but you can see it subsides each day. The second pictures are from before my first skin needling treatment (on the left) and after my last treatment (right).


I used the DP Dermaceuticals skincare range over the four month treatment period. The Vitamin Rich Repair was a lifesaver. It was the only cream that provided me with the moisture I needed. The Sheet Mask was used right after each treatment and helped cool the skin. To cover up, I used the Cover Recover – it was great and allowed me to be out in public without worrying about what I looked like. It also cooled my skin.

What to expect

You will be red (well, I was) for a few days – you can apply make-up. I used DP Dermaceuticals Cover Recover after treatment make-up, which has a cooling effect and helps hide the redness. This is probably the only make-up I would recommend for the week after the treatment.

  • Do not have any social events for at least two-three days prior
  • Don’t stress about the redness
  • If you take fish oils, stop them a week prior to the treatment, otherwise you may bruise

The key to feeling comfortable after the treatment is to moisturise – a lot! I used DP Dermaceuticals Vital Repair. Their range is made specially for treatment after micro-needling.

My suggestion is to get this treatment on a Friday night and by Monday your skin will be looking good enough to head back into public (to be fair, you can go out day one, you’ll just be a bit red).

I preferred to go once a month (just because I found this easier), especially with a day or two downtime


I had a very noticeable reduction in scaring and brown spots and my skin texture improved. I had four treatments and my recommendation is that you do need four treatments to see results. Results are visible around three months.

I suggest taking a before treatment, and after hour final treatment pictures so you can see the results. I was surprised at the improvement of my skin. One treatment is not enough – have a course of at least four. Yes, it’s an investment, but the results are  absolutely worth it.

Patience is key – I saw results after three months


Packages with Danielle, owner of Wildlife Skin & Beauty

One treatment is $450 and every treatment includes numbing cream application & Hylactive Sheet Mask. Treatment areas are the face and neck. You can add on decollete or hands etc for $50. LED add on is $60

Package two

Buy three get one free. Plus get travel size cleanser, full size Environ AVST1 Moisturiser and full size Environ RAD spf15  (valued at $162)

Total saving of $612

Package two

Buy five get one free. Plus get full size cleanser, AVST1 Moisturiser, Environ ACE Oil & RAD spf15 (Valued at $310)

Total saving of $760

Where to go

I went to Danielle from Wildlife Skin & Beauty in Milsons Point, Sydney. Phone (02) 9955 4990 and website wildlifeskinandbeauty I highly recommend Danielle.

Is it worth it?

Yes. I had visible reduction in scaring, my skin texture improved. My advice. Be patient. As this treatment helps to stimulate your own collagen, it won’t happen overnight. I noticed results in three months, and they were gradual. My skin continued to improve well after the final treatment too.

I am going to keep this up, with a treatment every few months or once a quarter.

Remember, slow and steady wins the race – good things take time.

COMING SOON: An in-depth follow-up story from the lovely Danielle from Wildlife Skin & Beauty, that provides great information on the treatment from a professional point of view.

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