Dip your toes into skincare with starter kits


Starter kits are a great way to dip your toes into a brand, without spending too much money on a complete skincare set that may not be the perfect fit for you.

I’ve chosen a few starter kits that I believe are value for money, that deliver results and who have a brand philosophy that I align too. Whether it’s a natural product, targets specifically to midlife skin, uses only natural products or that believes in less waste and is environmentally conscious.

Not all products are a great fit with your specific skin needs, and sometimes it’s trial and error, and starter kits are often a cost-effective way to trial a product.

Tailor Skincare

New Zealand beauty brand Tailor Skincare has launched into the Australian market. Founded in 2012 by Sara Quilter, Tailor Skincare has become a Kiwi cult favourite, famed for its all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, locally made and scientifically backed products.

Tailor Skincare Mini Kit

Tailor’s curated range of 10 products makes it easy to create a skincare routine you can stick to, while active natural ingredients help customers see real results. Individual products range from $35 to $69, meaning Tailor is affordable as well as effective.

All products are made in New Zealand, never tested on animals, and presented in FSC-certified compostable packaging. When it’s time for a top up, Tailor’s eco-friendly refills are the way to go.

The starter kit contains Tailor’s core range of products. Know you need Tailor but don’t know what your skin will say? Dip your toes in with this travel-sized trio of Tailor essentials. The Mini Kit also makes the perfect gift or travel companion. The kit contains Oil Cleanse 30ml gentle makeup remover, Polish 20ml to unclog pores, brighten skin and refine texture, Moisture 20ml to use morning and night.

The mini skincare travel kit RRP $39 available from Buy Mini Travel Skincare Essentials Kit | Tailor Skin NZ – Tailor Skincare.

Evidence Skin Care (ESK)

Formulated by Australian doctors, dermatologists and scientists, this cosmeceutical-grade skincare kit uses the latest evidence-based ingredients, including Retinal (Vitamin A), Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and a host of Alpha & Beta Hydroxy Acids, such as Glycolic and Lactic, to combat the physical signs of ageing, including fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, loss of skin elasticity and pigmentation.

ESK Essentials Kit

Ideal for beginners, the Essentials Kit includes the brand’s highly celebrated Hydroxy Cleanser, B Calm serum, and Ultimate A night cream.

ESK has long been a favourite for midlife women with products that specifically target midlife skin issues such as pigmentation, dryness and texture.

Essentials Kit, $189 RRP, available at: www.eskcare.com


Containing the brand’s cult-favourite Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser, Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essence and Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating Essential Crème, this nourishing three-step system is enriched with stem cells from a specific genus of French grapes called the Gamay Teinturier Fréaux.

Enbacci Essentials Kit

As a source rich in natural anthocyanins, this powerful antioxidant protects the skin from environmental aggressors, including UV-induced free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). Enriched with green tea, witch hazel and aloe vera, this gentle and effective system soothes and hydrates the skin while combatting the physical signs of premature ageing.

Enbacci skincare offers a range of lovely products that help target ageing skin, with beautiful ingredients and naturally sources ingredients that deliver.

Vitis Vinifera Rejuvenating 3-Step System, $200 RRP, available at: www.enbacci.com

Boa Skincare

The Complete BOA Ritual kit, you will receive our simple three-step skincare routine: BOA Smart Natural Exfoliant, BOA Gentle Mineral Detox Cleanser & Mask, and the BOA Rejuvenating Serum. Each product is full-sized. I’ve included this because it’s a great product that delivers results.

Boa Skincare Kit

Designed to work together to improve and stimulate the healthy cellular renewal, our three-step range helps your skin regain a uniform tone, texture, and appearance. You will experience smoother, clearer, healthier, glowing, more even-toned skin, with reduced congestion, redness, and fine lines, helping to bring your natural beauty to the surface.

Exfoliate with Boa Exfoliant, cleanse with Boa Mineral Detox and nourish with BOA Rejuvenating Serum.

Boa Skincare is well known for it’s exfoliant that delivers, works and leaves your skin glowing. It has a great reputation, because it works.

$162 RRP (full sized products that last months) available from BOA | Complete 3-Step Skincare Ritual | For smooth, glowing skin (boaskincare.com)

Aspect Beauty

The Aspect starter kit is an antioxidant-enriched collection, ideal for people keen to experience the Aspect difference. Gently cleanse, hydrate, exfoliate and give your skin protection from environmental aggressors.

Aspect Starter Kit

With the highest concentrations of chirally correct ingredients, Aspect sources the highest quality possible from the world’s best pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies. Wherever possible, Aspect Australia uses certified organic ingredients free from pesticides, parabens, perfumes and dyes.

Each kit contains a purastat 5 cleanser 30ml, Extreme C 20 vitamin C serum 15ml, Exfol L 15 exfoliating serum 15ml and a Phytostat 9 moisturiser 15g

 $135 RRP available from Aspect Starter Kit + Free Post (adorebeauty.com.au)

Finding the right products for your skin is essential, it’s not a one size fits all. We have so many different concerns.

My advice is to do your research, find a fit that aligns with not only your skin’s concerns and needs, but your personal beliefs. The one thing I am sure we can all agree on, is you need to take care of your skin. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

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