Enlightening read: Perceptions and Perspectives


Scott Healy never intended to become an author, but we’re glad he listened to the encouragement of family and friends and put his life-affirming musings down on paper.

The result, Perceptions & Perspectives, is a powerful collection of journal-like entries that came to the Queensland-based Scott over the previous four years while battling depression.

Since he never wrote with the expectation to turn his writings into a book, his debut offering is a uniquely raw and vulnerable account of his journey.

The chapters in which he opens up about his long struggles with depression are especially forthright, at times an unsparing peek into a troubled soul.

Scott lays bare his struggles, his battle with booze and thoughts of suicide, but through it all, implores Scott, there is hope. You are not alone, even if it might feel like it sometimes.

Although many of the passages are deeply personal in parts, the lessons should resonate with anyone who is looking for more meaning in life, and even a little spiritual guidance in these uncertain times.

If we keep our eyes open and look for the good that surrounds us, then the trees will always look green, the sky will always be blue, and no cloud will keep away the sunshine – Scott Healy

A lot of Scott’s discoveries will sound familiar, sure, but rarely have they been bundled up into such a powerful, honest and easy-to-digest format that rewards repeated readings.

Here is a middle-aged guy who has come out the other side of some incredibly challenging times, and now wants to share what he’s learned.

It doesn’t get much more uplifting than that if you ask us.

  • Published by Pickawoowoo Publishing Group and selling at $5.99 (ebook) and $20.00 (paperback), Perceptions & Perspectives is available for purchase on Amazon, Apple iBooks and other online bookstores now.
Accidental author Scott Healy.