Ethical transparency with fashion label Adrift


One of the first things that drew me towards working with the Brisbane-based fashion label Adrift was their ethical transparency.

In a world where ‘fast fashion’ is on the rise and overseas working conditions have often proved to be fatal, the caring, professional and comfortable working conditions of Adrift employees around the world, is outstanding. Not only are we supporting an Australian brand, but we are also supporting a company that cares about its manufacturing team. More companies need to follow suit.

A happy team in Bali

The fashion industry continues to be a source of exploitation for millions of workers worldwide. The 2019 Ethical Fashion Report emphasises unethical practices that exacerbate poverty among workers in the fashion industry. These practices include such low wages that people cannot support their families, child labour and slavery, and unsafe working conditions.

Adrift have invested in being transparent about their manufacturing, so they are accountable to their customers, community, and workers, to ensure their high ethical standards are upheld. Adrift have renovated their Bali factory so beautifully they would be proud for any of their staff or customers to visit and meet their Bali team.

Extremely good working conditions and an impeccable factory

Adrift manufactures in Bali in a factory that they own, and in partner factories in India.

To make Adrift clothes, the factory must comply with their code of conduct detailed below.

  • Every Adrift employee is paid a well above the living wage in their country.
  • No children are employed. Every partner signs a contract with the terms and agreements clearly stated.
  • The factory is compliant with the government and workplace requirements of their nation.
  • Adrift pays for every employee’s healthcare insurance and provides general and feminine hygiene products.

  • Disaster relief packages, reserved for natural, health and economic disasters. Includes access to meals, water and shelter.
  • Factory is equipped with clean drinking water and cleaned daily.
  • Technical training relating to fashion production, financial and technological education, and upskilling.
  • Does not discriminate against gender or exploit gender, empowers women and girls.
  • Respects cultural holidays, traditions and provides areas of worship in the factory.
Adrift fashion, not only beautiful clothes, but an incredible ethical company taking care of working environments and workers.

The above is exactly why I love working with Adrift. It’s why I will purchase from them and it’s setting an example to others. I love everything they are doing, and absolutely the fact that they empower women and girls and take pride and care with all their workers.

Oh, did I mention that Adrift is run and owned by a fabulous midlife woman! Check out Adrift here.

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