Eyelash serums: The long and short of it

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I have a confession – I’ve got naturally short, stumpy lashes and to make matters worse they are fair (thank God for eyebrow/lash tints).

I spend so much time trying to build the lashes up with mascara – it’s a battle I do each morning before heading to meetings or going out. I am not fond of lash extensions, so have steered clear of those; far too much maintenance and hard work for me. I just want longer lashes that only need a dash of mascara (not a 10-minute build-up battle).

After seeing just about every beauty blogger I know showing off giraffe-like lashes on their Instagram stories as a result of using Revitalash, an eyelash conditioner claiming to increase lash length, I thought I’d give it a go.

To be honest, I proceeded with precaution. Sometimes you just don’t know what is real and what isn’t, especially on Instagram because laws in this part of the world in regards to transparency aren’t great.

In the UK, anything gifted or sponsored or paid for needs to be transparent, meaning you need to slap a big PAID on any post, before you write anything and at the top of the post – regardless if paid advertising or gifted or just a review of a gifted product.

So, here in this part of the world where laws are not as strict, it’s getting harder and harder to weed out what does work, and what people are just putting up, because they are paid to. When I am paying good money, I want to ensure it works.

Most people who used this product, said they got results after four weeks; I didn’t see results until the eight-week mark. I was getting a little worried and started to think ‘there goes $120’. But sure enough, right on eight weeks my lashes were long. It was almost like they grew overnight.

Me before and after 8 weeks. Much longer lashes

My lashes are definitely longer, and I expect them to get even longer after continuing with the product.

The condition of my lashes hasn’t improved yet, just the length. I am hoping to see an improvement after the three-month mark, which is when my current product runs out.  

Warning – you’ll be shocked at how long your lashes get!

Here’s the low down

Did the product deliver on what it said it would: Yes

Was the product worth the cost: Yes

What was the cost: $120 for a three-month supply

Was it easy to apply: Super easy, apply once at night to clean and dry lashes. Apply at the lash line. Just one stroke and very little product is required. You don’t need to use a lot, in fact they recommend only using a tiny bit of the product

Results: For me I got LONG lashes, which continue to grow and in time I am hoping they will also get thicker

Purchased from: A department store in New Zealand (while I was on holiday) called Smith & Caugheys. You can buy online, you can also check out www.revitalashnz.co.nz or www.revitalash.com.

Would I buy again: I am just about to purchase my second supply – I am hooked

Beware: You need to buy from the actual Revitalash website or from one of their stockists – and only if they are listed on the Revitalash website as being an official stockist. There are lots of counterfeits on the market. Do not get sucked into a cheaper product – it won’t be the real thing, and could be harmful.

Last word: Australia seriously needs to stock this product. It works, it is worth the money and I highly recommend it. I paid for this product myself and this review is based on my experience and results. Feel free to email me on jo@50sowhat.com.au if you have any questions.