First Lady Michelle Obama, 52, Has Message For Younger Self

Inspiring words from the outgoing First Lady


As we near the final few weeks of her husband’s days in the Oval Office, we thought it only timely to look back at one of our favourite clips from the out-going First Lady Michelle Obama.

Shot as part of the #DearMe campaign to inspire and empower young people, Michelle, now 52, has some sage advice that all ages can take heed of.

“Dear Michelle, stop worrying so much about getting things wrong,” urges Michelle.

“Success has nothing to do with perfection, so stop being nervous, raise your hand, use your voice, get it wrong learn from your mistakes and keep moving on.

“Don’t worry about what other people think. Nothing anyone said to me when I was young that was negative matters.

“So, be brave, use your voice, ignore the doubters and work hard because life is hard work.”

She’s got our vote for 2020!


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