Focusing on your sexual wellness

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that wellness should always be a top priority, and during the last year, many of us have finally started to give our personal wellness the attention it deserves – but we’re not just talking physical wellness.

Online sex toy retailer JouJou reports that sales for adult pleasure toys increased significantly during Covid lockdown periods, and being focused on our sexual wellness is a trend that shouldn’t go away.

For too many years, female pleasure has had a stigma associated with it, and one of JouJou’s major brands – Zalo – is on a mission to overcome that. The US based company is the maker of what has been awarded best pleasure product in the world, and it has just released a very female centric toy, Bess – a clitoral vibrator – that could also be considered the prettiest.

Designed in Paris and with gold accents, Bess is Zalo’s latest step in removing any shame associated with female pleasure.

Peter Ovsonka, president & CEO of Zalo USA says, “There’s been a growing awareness surrounding self-care, which is helping consumers to overcome shame and stigma around masturbation and pleasure. As this intimate form of self-care becomes more widely accepted, so does treating oneself to a luxury pleasure product that caters to individual desires.”

And Zalo’s range of top of the range, handcrafted toys are most certainly luxury, with a focus on engineering and technology that offers functions including pre-heating to body temperature, calorie tracker, varying forms of vibrations, close-to-silent motors, and Bluetooth connectivity so toys can be controlled by smart phones – including that of a partner.

In addition to being incredibly good at what they are designed to do – give women great pleasure – Zalo’s toys are also very, very nice to look at, which is another tactic in their mission to stop self pleasure from being considered taboo. Bess’ gold plating is a great example of the source of the brand’s design inspiration, which is the opulence of fine jewellery, and other Zalo toys include touches like Swarovski crystals, and jewellery-grade enamels details. Zalo also names its toys with women and stigma-busting in mind, with collections including Legends, Confidence, Queen, Versailles, and Hero.

Its latest release, Bess, is named after the Egyptian goddess of women’s secrets.