Guilt-Free Treats: 6 Quick And Healthy Desserts To Try This Week

Inspired by a summer health-kick, our author keeps the momentum going with these sweet treats

5 healthy desserts

Inspired by our summer-fuelled weight-loss, we’re keeping the momentum going through the cooler weeks where it counts most – with a tight rein on the sugar intake.

But that doesn’t mean you still can’t satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings.

Here are a few of our favourite home-made desserts to help you steer clear of the supermarket confectionary aisle.

1. Banana, coconut and mango ice-blocks

Add bananas and mango in a blender, with coconut water (you can add berries too).  Transfer into ice block moulds (you can these from Kmart for about $3) and freeze overnight.  Bam!  Quick, easy, delicious and healthy.

2. Fruit smoothies

Fruit of choice (we do bananas and blueberries), handful of almonds, coconut milk (you can use coconut water, or any milk of choice).  This is super quick and fills you up, plus gives you a good dose of calcium, which is great for your bones.

3. Banana ice-cream

This is a personal favourite.  Our family have been doing this for years.  Blend up a bunch of frozen bananas – BAM!  That’s it.  It really tastes like banana ice-cream.  Dry it, you won’t be disappointed.  If you want to, you can also add some cacao powder for a chocolate flavour.

4. Chocolate dipped strawberries

chocolate and strawberry desserts

Dark chocolate (full of antioxidants) coated strawberries.  All you need is quality dark chocolate and fresh strawberries.  Melt the chocolate, dip the strawberries in and leave in a cool, dry place to set.  You can also tip the chocolate strawberries into coconut.

5. Baked apple

Super cheap and perfect in autumn when apples are in season and at their cheapest.  This is so simple, take the core out of the apple, we use a de-corer, run a knife through the skin of the apple – around the middle, so it doesn’t explode in the oven, stuff the middle of the apple with nuts, raisins, dates or whatever you prefer. We use chopped almonds and cinnamon. Place in a baking dish with water and bake on a medium heat for about 30-45 minutes.  Depending on the size of the apple, it can take longer. Just keep an eye on it, and take out when you think it’s ready. I like mine soft so I keep it in longer.  You can serve with natural yogurt or coconut yogurt.

Handy Tip: I ladle water from the dish over the apple twice while it is cooking.  You can also add a teaspoon (but that’s it) to the water at the bottom of the dish if you really have a super sweet tooth and to the middle of the apple – but only a sprinkle!  This is supposed to be a healthy alternative.

6. Fresh Berry and Yoghurt Bowl

Nothing could be easier. With your choice of fruit – we use blackberries, blueberries and raspberries when they are in season – add yoghurt (we use Nudi Coconut – nice and light and super delicious), chopped nuts and shaved coconut.  You can also add shaved dark chocolate!  Easy, no cook and tastes wonderful.


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