Ageing Gracefully? Hell No: I Just Had A Vampire Facial!

Despairing over ageing skin, our writer takes a dramatic step

Vampire facial is worth every cent

I am going to fess up now – I’m a little conflicted.

While I love my age and embrace getting older – I love the fact I am wiser, happier, more content, more confident and just a tad brasher – I am not so happy about my skin, particularly the texture.

It’s happened so quickly…BAM! Within the blink of an eyelid my face has aged overnight.

I was of the generation where it was best to be outside (all day, all weather and no sun screen until my early teens).  I like to refer to them as my ‘happy hippy days’ roaming around the streets with all the other little street urchins, gathering up friends as we went, exploring every nook and cranky of our country neighbourhood.

Oh, those were the days!  No gadgets needed!

Now if someone had of said, ‘here’s a picture of what you’ll look like in 40 years’ time’, I would have run for the nearest shaded tree and hoped for the best (okay, probably not, more than likely I would have thought ‘who’s that fruit cake?’

Those years of unashamedly enjoying my old-fashioned childhood have ruined my skin, which now needs urgent attention.

I don’t shy away from the wonders of modern technology; I’m not concerned about the odd bit of Botox and fillers (when done well and modestly). I certainly don’t want to look 20 or even 30 again, I just want to look good for my age.

After popping in to see my lovely face ladies and giving them a brief; ‘HELP, it’s party season look at my skin’! I was promptly sat down and told ‘easy goes it, no one wants to look like a puffed-up pouf’.

It was suggested that I try PRP, Plasma Rich Platelets, or what is colloquially known as a vampire facial. Basically, they take your own blood, spin it in a machine and it comes out half blood and half pure plasma, in other words, the good stuff – the stuff that heals and I am told will help rejuvenate my skin.

The whole procedure at my Sydney clinic took less than an hour, it wasn’t painful, even though you are having something injected into multiple sights on your face. Click here to see how Kim Kardashian looked after going through the same ordeal in 2014.

Be prepared, immediately afterwards you will be puffy, swollen and bruised.  But, the swelling doesn’t last long – a few days and the bruising usually goes in seven.  I am told I will see results in about three weeks (perfect, just in time for my family trip home).

After a week, I could see the texture of my skin improving. I wasn’t expecting amazing results, I kept my expectations in-check.

What I have seen is improvement in the overall look and feel of my skin.  I was told it would help with texture and my skin will tighten and look ‘fresh’.

Usually you need two or three treatments a month or two apart, and then it’s once a year for maintenance.

The cost is $800 for two vials (prices vary depending on where you go); the downtime is nil and the pain factor is about a five.

So does it work?

I have seen a good improvement but time will tell – the results are best at a few months after the procedure.

PRP is great for both men and woman and most reviews I have read (and I read many) 90% had a 100% satisfaction rate.

I suggest going to a professional, a doctor who knows what they are doing, who has a great reputation, a lot of good reviews and most importantly, is highly recommended.

Remember, this is your face people, don’t take anything lightly and do your research.

But if you can afford it, I say go the vampire way.

Now, where’s the number for the nearest plastic surgeon?

I could do with an eyebrow lift, or I hear there is a new ‘vagina rejuvenation’ for those women that have, or are going through menopause – plumps it up, restores all sorts of things!

Hmmm, may give that one a miss for now!