How plant water is changing the way we hydrate

plant water
Just shake the glass bottle to activate the 18 ingredients, which include chlorophyll.

If you struggle to reach that target of consuming 3 litres of water per day, guess what, you’re human.

Hydration isn’t the most exciting of tasks but it is crucial for our health and wellbeing, especially during the height of Australian summer, and especially whilst viruses are rearing their head.

There are a couple of hacks that come to mind, helping you incentivise more frequent sips while sitting at your work desk, like adding frozen fruit to your water, or a dash of cordial, but this new and natural elixir has got to be the most rewarding option of all.

PlantWater [the brand, as opposed to the wide-ranging plant water drink category] is a vitamin and mineral rich alternative to everyday mundane refreshments, having bottled an additional 18 natural nutrients including chlorophyll, magnesium, and folate, that promote total body wellness.

During an era where it feels like we’re forever chasing purity in all that we consume, PlantWater is a new beverage crafted from the life source of plants, with the intention of leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised at first glance, thanks to its glowing green hue.

So, what’s the difference between PlantWater and regular water, you ask? One is nutritionally enhanced to support our overly active lifestyles and ensure we’re functioning at full capacity when our body and mind need us most.

The hero ingredient within PlantWater is chlorophyll, usually a key contributor to the process of photosynthesis in plants, however in this instance it’s the nutrient responsible for detoxifying your digestive system and stimulating weight loss.

Chlorophyll also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and interestingly enough, works as a natural deodoriser for the body.

For those of us who are engaging in regular physical activity, the added magnesium is going to support muscle cramping and recovery – anything to promote a more restful night’s sleep so you can get up and go, and do it all again.

If you’re a serial sweater (no judgement here), PlantWater is the perfect way to replenish and restore those nutrients lost, and in a not-so-boring way.

While yes we’re still H2O our liquid offers a little more zest than any water you’ll get from the kitchen tap; a slight citrusy and herbaceous flavour sneaking through.

Plant-based is trending, we’ve just taken it one step further.

Boosting immunity and energy levels, promoting cell recovery, and aiding with cognitive function, this trendy tonic is truly changing the way we hydrate on a daily basis.

About the author:

Jordan Coulter, pictured below, is founder of PlantWater, a new Australian beverage product. With almost a decade of health experience under his belt, Jordan has carved out a reputation as a leading fitness professional. Having most recently held the position of head trainer and general manager of renowned Sydney wellness brand Shelter, Jordan is a prominent personal trainer who creates bespoke, goal-focused training programs for his clients.