Is my skin trying to tell me something?


Beauty comes from within, literally. What’s happening with your skin is often a direct indication of what’s going on in your gut.

It’s important to support your gut health, as it contains healthy bacteria and immune cells which help to fight off infection, reducing the potential  for spots and inflammation to arise on your skin. Partaking in diet trends has the potential to disturb the delicate microbial balance in your gut, leaving you worse off.

Your skin braves the elements every day, so it’s only natural you want to treat it. Much like your gut, your skin requires a delicate balance to look its best. Overdoing it with the products or not using them in the correct way, can very quickly throw off this balance.

See the below guide detailing the five mistakes you could be making with your skin and gut health.

1. You take Apple Cider religiously before your lunch and dinner to “boost” digestive enzymes

Whilst Apple Cider has some phenomenal properties (including being alkalizing and helping to facilitate the digestion of fats and proteins) it can actually make you extra bloated and puffy if your gut is out of balance. Drinking apple cider vinegar may aggravate fermentation of sugar/yeast and actually encourage bad bacteria to flourish, which leads to bloating, indigestion, and cramping. I recommend that you avoid all fermented foods until you work on healing your gut lining and reducing bacterial overgrowth. One of the keys to doing this is weeding out bad gut bacteria with herbs such as Calendula, Oregon grape, and Nlack Walnut hull. You can encourage the healing of your gut lining with herbs like Slippery Elm, Licorice, and Marshmallow along with nutrients such as Glutamine. Work to shift excess toxins with Diamataceous Earth and balance gut bacteria with polyphenol-rich superfoods, magic compounds which have an ability to starve off unwelcome microbes in your gut. You will find Polyphenols along with Diamataceous Earth, Black Walnut hull and Licorice extracts in our Gut Replenish Powder. Save your Apple Cider Vinegar for your hair – it makes a wonderful shining agent when used as a rinse!

2. You are taking your daily intake of fibre via psyllium husks or psyllium supplements

Psyllium is a soluble source of fibre designed to assist in supplementing fibre levels, improving digestion, and promoting regular bowel movements. It may actually lead to severe constipation if you are not supplementing with adequate water. Formation of gas in the intestine is the most common side effect of psyllium, soather than supplementing with one source of plant-based fibre, I recommend getting your recommended daily intake (25 g for men 30 g for women) from a variety of plant-based foods such as chia seeds, flaxseeds, whole grains such as oats, fruits (in particular kiwis and pears), along with vegetables. This variety of plant-based fibre ensures you are feeding your gut microbes with a diverse diet which they absolutely love. They thrive on a diet of varied plant-based vegetables and will reward you by ensuring your digestion is kept in check, and your good and bad gut microbes are balanced.

3. You are intermittent fasting for 14 hours every day

Whilst intermittent fasting has its place in encouraging longevity and promoting a healthy weight, prolonged fasting can in fact lead to an increase in circulating stress hormones, including cortisol. Our body may as a result shift precious resources from our immune system, hormone creation, and connective tissue repair, in favour of increased cortisol production. This nutrient depleting exercise can impact our skin, luscious locks, and hormone balance, whilst also shifting our body to ‘starvation’ or preservation mode which may make weight loss challenging. I recommend practicing intermittent fasting or reduced calorie days 1-2 days a week or practicing a shorter intermittent fast of 10-12 hours which is not as taxing on the body.

4. You have a glycolic acid, retinol and AHA obsession and cannot live without a foaming gel cleanser!

Super actives, retinol, and peels have definitely had their time in the lime-light! Whilst these active ingredients are designed to promote “accelerated skin-cell turnover” they may in fact be comprising our precious skin barrier or acid mantle. The acid mantle is a fine layer of natural oils, amino acids, fatty acids, lactic acid, urocanic acid, sebum and sweat that cover the outermost layer of the skin. It is designed to act like the body’s first line of defence against bacteria, viruses, pollution particles, and other foreign agents. Actives such as glycolic acid and AHAs can strip the skin of this natural biofilm leaving it exposed to the elements and more prone to skin sensitivity. It can also promote inflammatory skin and enzymatic activity that can predispose skin to conditions like acne and accelerated ageing.

That squeaky clean feeling you may love after washing with a gel based cleanser is actually stripping away a protective layer of the skin, inviting more harmful bacteria and acne to take over. Using a milk or oil based cleanser is the best way to clean the skin while keeping the acid mantle intact. Oils can work to lift grime and dirt and don’t strip the skin of natural oils and sebum. Our No.1 Belle Frais Cleansing Milk contains a base of nourishing oils along with natural fruit extracts and Australian Wattleseed, which work to purify and hydrate the skin without compromising our skin barrier. If your skin is already compromised, use nourishing oils such as Jojoba Oil, and Shea Butter is great too for helping to strengthen the skin barrier and retaining moisture.

5. You cannot get enough of your Hyaluronic acid serum – you search for cleansers, toners, serums and lotions with this “miracle” compound.

Hyaluronic Acid has definitely been a “buzz” ingredient, and rightfully so. It is an impressive active in skin and given that it declines in our body as we age, it makes sense that we should be seeking it in our skincare.

However, whilst it does have the ability to make the skin feel plump, firm, and hydrated, it is important to understand how it works as it can actually have the opposite effect when overused or not used in the correct way. Hyaluronic is a humectant, meaning it draws moisture towards it and holds onto it so that the skin can absorb it. This makes it very important to lock in hyaluronic acid serums with a lotion or cream. Using something on top of it will seal the product in and will ensure that moisture is not being drawn out of dehydrated skin when you use it. To further improve the hydrating benefits of Hyaluronic acid, we recommend using it on damp skin or ideally on top of a toning mist or essence.  We recommend a layering approach to ensure your skin is kept hydrated, for example a toner, followed by a Hyaluronic Acid like the No.3 Exotic Goddess Ageless Serum, before finishing with a cream moisturiser to lock in the goodness.

Take these tips and let them guide your routine, navigating the ever-evolving cosmetic landscape can oftentimes be overwhelming. Always remember to do your research, and know that keeping it au-naturel as possible, will have your body thanking you. 

About the author:

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 marked a real turning point in Anna’s life. She began to search for natural solutions – nutrition and herbal remedies – to help manage the autoimmune condition. While working in corporate finance in Sydney and New York, Anna also took up studies in naturopathy; a step towards making her passion her career.

Working as a naturopath in a Sydney fertility clinic, I was fed up with the lack of skincare that was safe and clean, especially for pregnant women. So, in 2014 I created a range of products – using Australian botanicals and luxury ingredients – that is so pure you could eat it.

After hours of research, cosmetic chemist meetings, more study, and formulating samples, Edible Beauty was born in Anna’s garage! From 2014 she was stocking the shelves at Sephora Pitt Street, when the store first opened, and within two months Edible Beauty was being sold internationally.

About Edible Beauty:

Edible Beauty Australia is a holistic solution to skincare and wellness that addresses the need for an inside and outside approach. True beauty means more than simply looking good, it’s about caring for the health of your body, mind, and environment.

Using sustainable, wild crafted botanicals, and exotic ingredients, our range is entirely Australian made, vegan, and gluten free. Limiting your exposure to synthetic and toxic chemicals is important to us, so we’ve ensured our packaging is 100% recyclable as well. Throughout the skincare and ingestible range, there are no: parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial preservatives, petrochemicals, or aluminium.