It’s time to stop the self hate: Wear the swimwear


WTF! Why, why do we spend so much time bloody worrying about what we look like?

Yesterday I heard a woman in the changing rooms crying. Yes, you read that right. She was trying on swimwear. While some of you may think ‘harden up, it’s just swimwear’, for some the pressure is real.

I just wanted to barge into her change room and hug her.

So, this message is for her:

You are beautiful, you are loved, you are confident and you only live once. Wear the swimwear, enjoy the ocean, and most of all, be happy. Your body is your’s; it’s unique, it’s not like anyone else’s and that’s a beautiful thing. Embrace it, love it, be kind to it and be grateful for it.


Disclaimer: I’ve shed my fair share of tears in the swimwear changing rooms. I totally get it, it’s torture, it really is. I’ve got lumps and bumps and curves but that’s what makes me feminine, it makes me, me.

Here’s to being you, whatever shape that is, and if I’ve said it a million times, I’ll say it again. Wear the bloody swimwear. Enjoy life.

We need to stop the unnecessary and unrealistic expectations on ourselves. Who cares if you are small, tall, short, large, average, big boobs, small boobs, hips, no hips, it just doesn’t matter. Let’s be kinder to ourselves, let’s set the example.

All our bodies are beautiful. Love yourself for who you are!

Pic via Bohemian Traders
Absolutely beautiful

There is no ‘normal’ body type. What is ‘normal’?

Our bodies are just bodies. My body, 5ft 3, 51-52kg, or my friend’s body, 5ft 8 and 85kg, or my sister, 5ft 1 and 70kg.

What is normal? If someone is skinny, they are skinny, it’s their normal, if someone is curvy that’s their normal. A normal body type is exactly the one you have. There is no right or wrong.

I’m small, but I have cellulite, I have bumps and lumps, my friend is larger, but she has no cellulite at all. That’s just life.

Here’s to embracing and accepting your body and other people’s bodies.

I can 100% say, I’ve embraced my body, it’s mine. It took me well over 45 years to start to love it, accept it and come to peace with it. I wish I had of found the confidence before now, because I realise I wasted so much time worrying. I have good days and bad days, that’s just normal, but trust me, it’s liberating to accept what you have and live life.

Ps. A shout out to @bohemian.traders for their stunning all inclusive range (image 3 and 6). I love that they have made swimwear and showcased it on both slim, curvy, tall and shorter women. Seafolly has done the same. It’s a step in the right direction, and normalises every ‘body’. Just as it should be because they are all normal. Here’s to enjoying the summer, getting into your swimwear and strutting along that beach with all the confidence you can muster! Trust me, it’s so bloody liberating to let go of the self doubt.