Lisa Curry helps thousands of Australians tackle hormonal imbalance

Lisa Curry on hormonal imbalance

Triple Olympian Lisa Curry freely admits that she must have been a nightmare to live with during those early years with her first husband Grant Kenny. 

“My poor husband – I could have got divorced every month,” the swimming star confides to 50 So What.

“I was really irritable over the smallest things and screaming and carrying on like a pork chop, but I didn’t realise it was happening every month.

“I didn’t see the patterns, so just thought I was a horrible person.”

The turning point came in her mid-30s when she met naturopath and hormonal specialist, Jeff Butterworth, who immediately recognised her symptoms.

Now, at 56, Lisa, Jeff and their team are on a mission to help thousands of other women, of all ages, manage their hormonal imbalances naturally via their online community Happy Healthy You. Jeff is also developing a hormonal remedy for men.

Lisa Curry and hormones
“A lot of what we do is around education.”

“PMS, peri-menopause and menopause are not illnesses. However, the symptoms and not knowing how to alleviate them can leave you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and confused,” says Lisa.

“Through Happy Healthy You, we want to provide education to Australian women to let them know they aren’t alone, and to understand that these are natural milestones in life that have been occurring for centuries, and we wanted to create a natural solution to manage it.”

Lisa and her specialist team hope the online portal becomes a go-to source for information and support for women experiencing a whole range of hormone-related conditions.

“There is no doubt that hormonal issues at any age will change a woman. It’s uncomfortable, irritating, emotional and until now, has been a rather lonely battle. But menopause, something I am living through at the moment, will affect every woman at some point and more needs to be done to combat the feeling of isolation and despair,” says Lisa.

“To date, we’ve been told to use a form of Hormone Replacement Therapy which can wreak havoc on our bodies, or simply do nothing, which can wreak havoc on our minds.”

Alongside the community and professional support, Happy Healthy You offers a range of supplements, plant-based herbs and fermented superfoods for a whole range of women’s health issues.

Happy Healthy You also offers an online health assessment to help women get a better understanding of their current health.

“A lof of what we do is education and so our hope is through what people learn from us that the younger generation won’t have to go through what we have all been through,” adds Lisa.


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