Powerful in pink: You’re never too old for colour

powerful in pink

I’m putting it out there right now. I love pink. It’s happy, feminine, warm, striking and powerful.

My first boss, many years ago, wore a lot of it in her 50s, and she looked absolutely stunning in it. She was feminine, strong and a force to be reckoned with, but she rocked pink like the total boss she was.

She taught me to wear a colour that made me happy, and not to conform to what society says I should be wearing.

You know what? You could run a country in pink.

powerful in pink

I often get emails saying women in their midlife feel strange wearing pink, they think it’s for younger people. Who on earth made that rule?

There are no rules in fashion. The only rule is there are no rules. Wear what you love, wear what makes you feel happy, and wear it your way.

Top Tips

In fact, as we get older, colour is an instant ‘pick me pick’. It brightens your skin. So now is the time to wear colour.

Pick a shade that suits you. There are so many variations, from muted, pastel, bright and neon.

If you don’t want to go all out, pick a neutral base (or a colour you feel comfortable in) and build from that. Add a pop of pink, possibly with a stripe, accessory, bag, scarf, shoe.

There are many stores bringing out pink this season. From blazers, pants, shirts and shoes.

Pink looks exceptional with dark denim. Add a great shirt/blouse with detailed sleeves and you are good to go.

Staple classic pieces like knits, and quality pants are worth spending money on – they will last for years. Trendy pieces and things like tees you don’t need to spend money on, you can get a great tee from as little as $20. Zara have blazers from as little as $99 (these will still last a few seasons – especially the linen ones).

Most of all, never be afraid to wear what you love.

Where to buy

  • Country Road has just released a beautiful pink blazer
  • Zimmermann has gorgeous dresses in pink (and a few are on sale)
  • Zara always has a range of pink, from tops, blazers to pants
  • Seed Heritage, Witchery and most high street stores have a splash of pink this season – and some are going all out! You will definitely find something in your budget.