Sheet masks infused with serum: the quick, effective skin pick-up

skin masks by nivea

Sheet masks with infused serums – what’s all the fuss about?

I’m going to be honest here, I love a good sheet mask. I’m the nutter on the plane with a sheet mask on her face, I have no shame (the husband is mortified).

But trust me, after a long haul flight your skin thanks you for it, and while the husband comes off the flight looking a fright, me on the other hand, looks a tad more refreshed.

The latest masks by Nivea are infused with highly-concentrated serums for instant effects on your skin.

The ones I tried were Q10 with vitamin C, Q10 power and Cellular Filler. My favourite out of the three that Nivea sent us to test was the Q10 with Vitamin C.

It left my skin feeling refreshed. To be honest, I liked them all, but just felt the Q10 plus C was what my tired, dull skin needed. The extra boost definitely helped.

If you are travelling this is the one I recommend. Pack one in your hand luggage because this mask is fantastic for fatigued skin, it hydrates and energises the skin.

At only $7.95, I’d pack a few. It only takes 10 minutes to apply and the best part is rubbing the remaining serum into your skin. It’s an instant moisture boost.

You can pick these up from your grocery store and pharmacy.

The complete range consists of:

• NIVEA Q10 Power Sheet Mask – for hydrating and replenishing
• NIVEA Q10 Plus C Sheet Mask – for refreshing and revitalising
• NIVEA Hyaluron Cellular Filler Sheet Mask – for reducing wrinkles and age spots
• NIVEA Urban Skin Detox Sheet Mask – for de-toxifying and purifying

What I love about sheet masks

• They are not messy
• Quick to use (they only takes 10 minutes, although I leave on for as long as I can)
• Your skin feel refreshed, moisturised and pampered
• They are fantastic for travelling
• At $7.95 each (the Urban Skin Detox is only $4.95) they are well priced

Top tips

• Apply to a pre-cleansed face
• If at home, place the mask in the fridge for half an hour, it’s such a refreshing treat for your face
• I do one once a week, or if I am travelling on holiday, I do one on the flight, and one while I am away and one on the way home (if long haul). Holiday skin and skin from flying usually takes a battering, so this helps make your skin feel refreshed
• Massage as much excess serum into your skin afterwards – the more your skin gets the better

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