Skincare product review: ESK – It really works!


For those that know me, I love skincare, I am passionate about it, especially brands that work.

I won’t waste my money on products that don’t deliver the results I am after. I am however, very realistic. A good product will help maintain already good skin, may help improve problem skin but it won’t work miracles – that’s just plain unrealistic and if any product claims to work miracles – run a mile! Because good skin is often genetic, bad skin can be related to many things, your diet, your health, your exposure to the sun, etc.

So, it was with much excitement that I tried ESK. I had seen some reviews which were very favourable, but I am very sceptical and am the sort of person that needs to try something myself, before buying it. I was also very taken by the fact that Dr Ginni Mansberg, the founder of the company is a woman who is currently going through perimenopause, so she knows what my skin and many other women’s skin is going through.

My skin is currently having a moment, a very hormonal one. It’s confused, it’s very dry but I get breakouts, it’s itchy and it’s a nightmare – welcome to perimenopausal skin. For me, it’s refreshing that there is a range out that can help my skin during this phase of life, and that the very person behind the range, is going through the same thing, and has created a range that can help.

Founder, Dr Ginni Mansberg

ESK is a range created by Australian doctors, dermatologists and scientists for those who are serious about their skincare (which is 100% me). The creators are aware of how much damage the harsh Australian sun, pollution and stresses of daily life can do to your skin, but a good skin care regime, based on ingredients that are proven to work, can help reverse that damage.

ESK only uses ingredients that trials have shown to work, the range includes anti-oxidants in their most effective form that help repair sun damage (which I have), reduce the visible signs of ageing and promote collagen production. Hydroxy acids exfoliate and renew the skin while moisturisers and botanicals nourish and moisturise the skin. Also, and most importantly for me, there are no nasties – no harmful chemicals, preservatives or perfumes.

My skin is dry, has sun damage and is also ageing (as we all are – that’s just life). I do look after my skin, I use a sunblock every day, I see a wonderful face doctor, I have always used good products and I have had laser to help with the appearance of sunspots, so all-in-all I have been doing a good job. However, I have noticed that my skin has been a bit lacklustre of late, which I can put down to stress, travel, hormones, etc. It felt like it needed a kick-start again, a good dose of moisture and some loving care.

I started on the Dry Skin trial which consists of six products, numbered 00, 02, Q, 03, 04 & 05 (which I switched to 5+)

My favourite product Ultimate 5+


00 – Calming Cleanser
02 -Reverse “C” Serum
Q – B Quenched (I love this, it’s super hydrating)
03 – Zinc Shade (I also used my own sunblock spf 50)


00 – Calming Cleanser
04 – Smooth Serum
5+ – Ultimate A
Q – Be Quenched (as I need a lot of moisture)

Here’s what I like about it: IT WORKS. Simple. It delivers hydration to my skin, the Ultimate A is my absolute favourite (helps with sunspots), as is the B Quenched (super moisturising). My skin feels softer, smoother and more hydrated.

To get a Dry Skin package like mine – with all the full-sized products included, you are looking at $445.50 for all of the products, which will last approximately four months. Would I buy this package? – 100% I would, because it delivered the results I was after. Hydrated and smooth skin.

Top tip
My advice is to always try a sample of the product before buying a full-sized bottle. I would also suggest speaking to someone from the company (or emailing them) questions and concerns about your skin, which they are more than happy to do. You can also see my Q & A with Dr Ginni, founder of ESK.
This is the pack I used (but I swapped the 5 with 5+)

Did I like the product? yes
Would I pay for the product myself? yes
Did the product deliver what I was expecting? yes
Am I going to use the product again? 100% yes. I also would not promote this product if it didn’t work for me
Would I recommend this product? yes (but please find the correct products for your skin type – everyone is different. I would also recommend trying some samples)
When did I start to see a different in my skin? at about three weeks after use but Dr Ginni says results can take a few months or more (see Q & A)
Where is the product made? Australia
Favourite product: Ultimate A and B Quenched
Where is it sold? online

  • 50 So What was gifted a sample range of ESK to trial for this story.
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