Sleep At Last: How I Found A Cure For Insomnia On The Shopping Channel

sleep cure on the shopping channel

I always thought that the older I got, the better I’d sleep.

Not so! I’ve been blaming my lack of zzz’s on the next-door neighbour’s loud aircon system, the dog across the road, changing hormone levels (don’t even get me started on those), the husband’s snoring, a dripping tap – basically anything I could think off.

There was no way I was even contemplating the fact it could be something to do with getting older.

I’ve tried everything, apart from sleeping pills, and I really didn’t want to go down that road.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d find the cure while watching the TV shopping channel.

As I randomly flitted between channels on yet another sleepless night I just happened to stop long enough to catch naturalist Carla Oates, of Beauty Chef fame, spruiking the virtues of her new product called SLEEP.

According to the gorgeous Carla, SLEEP is a delicious bio-fermented turmeric and spice blend for beauty and wellbeing, with passionflower and lemon balm, traditionally used in western herbal medicine to aid in a restful night’s slumber.

Hmmm – sounded like a load of mumbo jumbo to me, and just a little to ‘Bondi Hipster’ for my liking.

But, in my desperate state, I logged on to my computer and hit the checkout. Hell, at this stage, I thought to myself, ‘what have I got to lose?’

Best thing I ever did [And no, this is NOT a paid post].

I have used this for a few weeks now, and it’s either the best Placebo on the market, or those magical ingredients really do work.

The sleep I am getting seems to be more quality, and I am getting up feeling refreshed.  I’m not the grumpy cow storming around the house yelling abuse at everyone (the neighbours, the birds, the dogs next door; basically anything and anyone that crossed my early morning path).

Everyone is on a win-win here. The relieved husband has told me to order double!

This little bottle of inner beauty powder has won me over.  I also think my skin has improved – again, I can’t explain this, but maybe it’s my quality sleep.

It’s natural and seems to be working.

Now, on to finding a cure for hormonal mood swings!

  • Around 30% of Australians suffer from some form of insomnia, and there are currently more than 88 known sleep disorders. If you have found any great remedies, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below, or drop us a note at


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