Talking hormones: How the vagina vitamin rocked my world

vagina vitamin

The dreaded menopause. I thought I had struck it lucky when I barely had any symptoms for three years post menopause.

In fact, I didn’t even notice I was postmenopausal having been on a contraceptive pill that caused my periods to stop. My gynaecologist gave me the good years after testing my hormone levels.

Yay….no more daily pill or periods.

Then out of the blue I started to get hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. Then postmenopausal bleeding – my body was betraying me after lulling me into a false sense of security.

My gynaecologist, being Johnny on the spot, did an ultrasound and then a D and C. The culprit was a polyp which was promptly removed. Any bleeding after 12 months post your last period is considered abnormal.

Go see your gynaecologist and get it investigated and taken care of. There are many causes but you should see your specialist and get the appropriate treatment.

The hot flashes and night sweats I can put up with, but believe me when I say a set of good quality cotton sheets is a must. Something has to soak up the swimming pool of sweat. A bedside fan and air conditioning comes in handy. The insomnia – still working on that one.

My worst symptom was vaginal dryness and thinning of the skin lining. Sex became painful with tearing and bleeding and counting down until it was over.

Eventually the thought of doing it just put me off sex altogether. Lubricants didn’t help much and I just started to think that my libido had taken a hike.

Then my gynaecologist suggested the vagina vitamin. Her words not mine, but oh so true!

It’s a daily pill that mimics an oestrogen that targets the nether regions, helping to increase vaginal wall thickness and improves normal lubrication.

What a game changer. It’s not for everyone, as it has risks like all medications, including the risks associated with taking a regular oestrogen, but at 52 I’m still way too young to stop enjoying a good roll in the hay with my significant other.

Sex is now enjoyable again and I tracked down my libido after thinking I had lost it forever.

Menopause is a normal process of ageing for us females and the more we discuss it the better.

Everyones’ experience is different, and the information out there can be confusing. Talk to your girlfriends and your gynaecologist.

Get all the info you can and make informed decisions.


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