Talking hormones: Trying to find my six pack again!

talking hormones

Since our co-publisher Jo shared her personal struggle with hormones and asked for you to share your own experiences we’ve had an overwhelming response. Below is another in our series of first-person accounts from our readers. We hope that by sharing these you’ll find some comfort in knowing you’re not going through this alone.

I’m going through exactly the same with all symptoms mentioned by you and the other lovely ladies. Just when you think you are nearly through it starts again.

I’m 50 and monthly’s have stopped now for around six months, although I still get symptoms as if ‘they are a comin’, minus the lady pains.

I’m back to the ‘clean eating and exercise every day’ stage hoping and praying I can lose some bloat and find my six-pack again; something’s gotta give!

I’m also trying lots of ginger and lemon water to help with night flushes.

Fingers crossed. However, extra-strength evening primrose definitely worked for my hard as rock enormous falar’s.

It really helps hearing everyone’s story too. My friends and I talk a little and dance a lot whilst all carrying fans. We are like a bunch of flamenco dancers – not !

Imagine the scene 💃💃💃😂

Gorgeous Simone at work as a bridal hairdresser.

Yours, hormonally hot as hell Simone xx

  • If you have a story to share about your struggles with hormones, we’d love to hear from you. Just email me at


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