The return of the wide leg pant: Classic, timeless and ageless

wide leg pant

I always thought because I was short, there was no way in hell I could pull off a wide leg pant.

How wrong I was.

Paired with a great heel I suddenly looked taller and my legs looked longer. The wide leg pant also balanced out my shape, it accentuated my waist, hid my thighs and basically made me feel a million dollars!

Watch out spring and summer – it’s all about the pant. As spring approaches, wide leg pants are a great way to transition, pair them with a shirt and a pair of pointed heels. Perfection.

wide leg pant returns

As the weather heats up and we head into summer, go for a light weight fabric, high heel sandals.

There is nothing better if you are on holiday, or somewhere super-hot/tropical and laid back, a pair of light weight wide leg pants with flat sandals looks sensational (even on us shorties) but, and it’s a big but – there is a rule – the pants need to be the perfect length.

If you need to get them tailored, do it – it’s worth the cost.

wide leg pant returns for summer

They need to just skim the floor if they are palazzo pants, without dragging or looking scruffy – you don’t want to be tripping over them. Paired with a singlet, it’s the perfect ‘holiday classic look’, so light and breezy.

Embrace your inner wide leg pant goddess!


  • Heels look best if your wide leg pants are full length (unless you are blessed with height) – preferably high heeled sandals
  • Cropped wide leg pants are great with either flats or heels, just make sure the cut and fabric is flattering
  • Balance out your top to your pants, if the pants have a lot of fabric, keep the top half simple and stream-lined
  • High waisted are the most flattering
  • Wide leg pants are great for more curvy women who want to balance out their hips
  • They always look super classical and stylish
  • They can also be dressed up
  • Find a good tailor – that is a not negotiable. The length needs to be perfect. It’s worth the cost
  • A cheap pair of pants can look a million dollars if tailored (for as little as $30 your pants can look like they were made just for you)

wide leg pant returns for the new season

Top tip

I have a slightly cropped pair of lose, wide-leg, high waisted light weight black pair. The best buy I ever made. AND they were only $50 from Glassons.

Two years on, and I am still wear them.

Pair with sneakers for the flight, a singlet and denim or leather cropped jacket if travelling from a colder destination, and take a pair of slides on the plane if you are heading to a warmer climate.

You arrive ‘tropical ready’, just take off the jacket and pop on the slides and you are good to go.

Try Country Road, Zimmerman, H & M, Zara, Top Shop, Sports Girl or Glassons. Most high street stores sell them for as little as $30 or you could go high end and look at Zimmerman – which are absolutely luxurious, you’d have them for years.

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