Too old for pastels? Absolutely not!

You're never too old for pastels

Let’s get one thing straight, age is just a number and when it comes to fashion wear what you love, what makes your heart sing and what makes you feel a million bucks!

I’ve seen so many posts lately that feature pastels. I love them. I actually never thought about wearing pastels after my twenties, until I fell in love with a mint green dress. The minute I put it on, I felt invincible, and much to my surprise I got compliments!

The colour looked great on me. I was so worried the pastel shade would wash me out but it had the exact opposite effect. I was glowing. My skin looked lovely and the colour was really flattering.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was to put a pastel yellow on, well that would be a completely different story. The key is to get a colour that suits you and your skin tone.

I saw a woman who must have been in her 70’s, she had the most incredible suit on. It was pale blue, and she looked amazing, and she knew it, you could see the confidence radiating off her. I loved it. She looked good and she felt good.

That’s what fashion is. Play around with it, have fun with it, and do what makes you happy. Bugger everyone else. Embrace what makes you shine.

Here are my top tips for pulling pastel off:

  • Do keep things basic, just one shade of pastel or maybe two
  • Start with a neutral base
  • Pastel checks are incredible – the jackets for winter are divine and super flattering
  • Pastel suiting is big, just make sure the colour flatters you
  • You can colour block pastels
  • The right shape and cut are imperative. Don’t go too short and definitely don’t go to tight, these shades look best floaty (skirts, wide legged pants)
  • Don’t overdo it – keep your hair and makeup simple
  • Always wear nude colours undergarments

Just remember, these shades don’t hide marks, be aware where you sit and what you are sitting on.

Have fun with it. Wear it your way.

The co-founder of 50SoWhat has been in publishing for most of her working life. She was general manager of successful boutique media publishing house in New Zealand for several years and boasts an impeccable sales, marketing and management background. When she’s not road-testing the latest cosmetic procedures, or investigating the hottest lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty trends for over 45’s, Jo is often back home catching up with family and friends, or working on her golf swing!


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