Trying to combat those pesky hot flushes?

I am obsessed (welcome to perimenopause and menopause) with anything (within reason) that could possibly help my perimenopausal symptoms.

I am all about doing what is best for you, and as I’ve mentioned here many times, there is no one-size-fits-all, and I advocate doing, and or taking, what works for you; whether it’s herbal, HRT, a combination of both, it doesn’t matter.

There is no right or wrong formula, and there is never any judgement here. Hell, I’d stand on my head chanting if I knew it worked.

So, when I had the opportunity to try the Fontanella Hot Flashes tea, which can help to regulate and balance hormones, reducing the impact of hot flashes, which is one of other most common and enduring side-effects of menopause, I jumped at it! I was basically saying, “send me a truck load please!”

I love this at night, just before bed (don’t forget your tea strainer though).

A cup of warm tea when we are feeling hot can restore equilibrium to the body temperature unlike cold beverages which can add stress to the body. Which seems so strange, especially when you are as hot as hell and the last thing you want to do is drink something hot, BUT strangely it works.

Fontanella created Hot Flashes Tea to help women manage the hot flushes associated with menopause. They sourced the highest quality organic red clover, sage and chaste berry, which are all traditionally used to heal and soothe menopause menopausal symptoms and carefully blended them with Siberian Ginseng to help balance hormones and cool the body. It is very important to me that anything I drink/consume is sourced correctly, is of the highest quality ingredients and I prefer locally owned. This is my body after all, so I’m a bit fussy.

For women suffering the whole range of menopause symptoms from anxiety (I get this), sleeplessness, hot flashes and general discomfort, you can also try and team your tea with Fontanella Menopause Formula (a girlfriend of mine takes this and loves it), which is made with five key ingredients including Black Cohosh, Panax Ginseng, Vitamin E, Sage Extract and Chaste Tree, it is a complex and powerful wellness formulation developed to promote prescription-free healthy living using time-honoured remedies that are proven to benefit overall health and wellbeing.

Hot Flashes tea is herbal and continues herbs such as sage

The Organic Hot Flashes Tea recipe is blended from centuries of tradition that dates back to the Han Dynasty in China when the ancient Chinese recognised the health benefits of drinking warm tea all year round to help regulate and normalise body temperature. I had heard this from an older Chinese lady that comes into our local community centre. She swears by it (and let me tell you, she looks pretty bloody good!).

The tea is crafted here in Australia from the highest quality all-natural ingredients to create a caffeine-free taste sensation to deliver real health benefits in every single cup. The tea is made with pure ingredients harvested fresh and blended in proportions designed to be effective and delicious. If you are like me, I can’t do caffeine, my body just doesn’t like it (the hub on the other hand drinks bucketloads of it) and I was advised not to drink it for my anxiety, so caffeine-free works for me.

Fontanella is wholly Australian owned and operated a company committed to healthy living. They create premium, natural, sciential led wellness formulations. This combination is extremely important, one because I want to support local, but also, I want to ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality.

I have been using the tea for a month now, and it is part of my nightly routine. I not only look forward to this ‘winding down’ part of my day, but I find that it relaxes me, making it easier for a better night’s sleep. I have to say, and it could well be a combination of factors, winding down before bed, having that time to sit, relax, drink the tea, has helped. I’ll be keeping this routine up.

Nothing better than tea just before bed, and Hot Flash tea is perfect

In my opinion, managing perimenopause/menopause symptoms is a combination of factors, lifestyle, diet, health, supplements, genetics etc. So, combining as many of these together, staying fit, active, eating well, reducing stress etc will all make a difference.

Do I like this product, yes? Will I keep using it. Absolutely.

For more information click here Menopause Hot Flashes Tea – Fontanella-au