Versatile floral fashion is in full bloom this spring

floral fashion is in full bloom

Floral fashion just makes us feel good.

It’s colourful, pretty, yet can be toughened up with a leather jacket, made more casual with a sneaker, or it can be dressed up or down.

It’s just so versatile.

If you aren’t keen to go all out, you can add touches of floral in a bag or shoes – take Gucci’s clue on this one.

Floral fashion is in bloom

Florals are beautiful and make people feel happy – both those wearing them and those looking at them.

The best thing about floral is it can be worn by anyone any age. I love the versatility of floral.

I love a dress with sneakers and a denim jacket for the weekend, or a dress for a wedding paired with a blazer. The options are endless.

Floral is definitely an all-season option, but come summer and you can go all out.

floral fashion is blooming

Top tips for floral

Don’t be afraid, you can go head-to-toe floral.

Mix it up for a more casual vibe, team with denim or a leather jacket.

Floral can look edgy – just pair a dress or skirt with a killer pointed bootie, a cool tee and statement blazer.

A great floral statement coat can take a plain black winter outfit to ‘next level’.

If you are new to floral and want a ‘slow’ introduction, try adding a touch of floral with your accessories – a bag or shoes (think Gucci sneakers, or bag – which of course is expensive, but many high street stores do ‘inspired’ ranges that you can get for less).

Don’t be afraid to mix colours – go for it.

A floral skirt with a plain white tee looks great.

Floral suits pretty much everyone. Have some fun and wear it your way.

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