A mattress in a box. Is it worth all the hype?


The hub and I were in desperate need for a new mattress. After much deliberation and research, we opted to try an Ecosa.

Why? Because we could customise it to the firmness we wanted, and they had a great guarantee (the hub always love this) and some pretty impressive reviews. Plus, a couple of friends had purchased the mattress as well, and they raved about it. Not one to be left out, I jumped on the bandwagon too.

The concept of getting a mattress in a box was certainly a new one for us. We ordered it and it arrived within a few days (great service I have to say), and I couldn’t believe it when the delivery man turned up with a box!

It’s in a box (and no, delivery man not included!)

Was it love at first sleep? No, it wasn’t, it took a good four nights playing around with the settings, from firm, to soft, to medium and firm-medium. We finally settled on medium, with the topper. The luxurious topper is a must!

After the first night’s sleep on firm, I was ready to send it back. I wasn’t happy (the hub was though – he loved it!). I told the hub it was either me, or the mattress. So (after much deliberation on his part….) he changed the settings around so it was on medium.

After a few nights, I got used to it, and to say I have had the best night’s sleep since is an understatement! I’m going to explain this mattress in layman’s terms, because I’m not a mattress doctor or designer, so here’s what it feels like.

The topper is a must

If you jump on the bed, you don’t move, you certainly don’t bounce. It’s more like a soft landing where you are comforted and embraced. Does that make sense? So, you don’t go flying off the bed like a traditional mattress, you are truly embraced, and it feels like a big hug. I love it.

The hub is 6ft 4 and I am 5 ft 3. Usually, his side of the bed sags, not with this mattress. I’m sold. I’m hooked.

We went away a week ago and slept on a normal spring bed. I noticed the difference straight away and there is no way I would go back to a spring bed.

My advice for the Ecosa mattress and topper, is you need to give it time, you need to play with the firmness (it’s super easy and comes with instructions – it takes all of about five minutes, if that) and just remember, all great things – and the most comfortable sleeps – take time. The whole adjustability to this mattress is where patience is key. Once you get that right, you are set!

The Ecosa is engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment and allows you to relax into a restorative sleep and wake feeling pain-free and refreshed (it really is the best night’s sleep).

Durable and breathable, the Ecosa mattress offers ECO-Tex memory foam, alongside G-7 Memory Foam infused with gel particles to achieve the stable sleep temperature you desire. Body temperature plays a big part in our sleep quality, which is why the Ecosa mattress’ built-in air circulation system allows air to flow freely through the pin-core holes across all layers of the mattress, so you can say goodnight to sleeping hot.

Boasting a waterproof inner cover, the Ecosa mattress contains German micro-filament technology to keep it waterproof and dust mite-free. Keeping things simple, the easy to zip off premium washable cover allows you to keep the air flowing freely. Cleverly designed to rest on any surface, you can place your Ecosa mattress on the floor, a slatted base, box spring or foundation, or an adjustable base.

  • The mattress costs $1099 for a queen
  • The topper costs $400 for a queen

I’ve also just checked out the website and at the moment (at time of posting) they have a 25% storewide sale (I also get my silk pillow cases and bedding from them too – so will be getting these while the sale is one).

Please feel free to email me at jo@50sowhat.com.au if you have any other questions.

For more information, visit ecosa.com.au.


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