A total game-changer: How to get the perfect night’s sleep this winter


I need a good night’s sleep and if I don’t get one, watch out world…. perimenopausal, sleepless woman on the loose.

I’m pretty confident the Ecosa mattress saved the world, and my sanity and the hub’s life.

A good night’s sleep is imperative. I need a bed I can snuggle into, that is supportive, and that feels like it’s embracing me (do I sound nuts?) but let’s face it, during perimenopause and menopause sleep is imperative!

It’s not only important for our physical wellbeing, but our mental wellbeing too, and now coming into the winter months, even more so.

Six months ago, I purchased an Ecosa mattress with topper (the topper is a must). This design-your-own-comfort-level bed was a game-changer for me. Let me tell you why.

The adjustable Ecosa mattress is a game changer

It’s one mattress with three options. With adjustable firmness to cater to your individual sleep needs. It’s also engineered to support your spine’s natural alignment, the Ecosa mattress allows you to relax into a restorative sleep and wake feeling pain-free and refreshed.

It took a good week for me to get the right firmness perfect for me (don’t give up, it’s worth the time because just like the perfect pair of jeans, you’ll feel a million dollars when the fit is just right). I settled on medium (the hub would have easily settled for rock hard!) but not me.

One of the biggest drawcards, is I am 5ft 3 and small, the hub is 6ft 4 and twice my weight and with the Ecosa mattress, there was no roll over when the hub moved. I’m happily snuggled and oblivious to when he moves at all, it’s absolute bliss! No more flying off the bed every time he moves.

Not only is the mattress breathable, but that and the topper help to regulate temperature. So for summer, I was cool, and coming into the winter months, I’ll be cozy and warm, without over-heating. This is a winner for any perimenopausal or menopausal women.

The topper (pictured here) is my ‘must have’. For me it completely elevates my sleeping experience to the next level

It was a very strange transition going from a spring mattress to a non-spring mattress – make no bones about that. BUT, stick with it, because if you are anything like me, there is no way I could go back to the old spring, I just couldn’t. Don’t give up. I am having the best night’s sleep (bar the odd snore from the hubby – which I am happy to report has reduced considerably since getting the Ecosa mattress).

My advice, is try the mattress, play around with the firmness levels, take your time, don’t give up because once you get it perfect, it’s pure heaven. I also suggest getting the topper, for me this was a must, as it makes the world of difference (so snuggly) and I would also try their bamboo sheets – if you are going through perimenopause and menopause, these sheets are a lifesaver (so cooling and they help regulate your temperate – I am obsessed).

The mattress is durable and breathable, and offers ECO-Tex memory foam, alongside G-7 Memory Foam infused with gel particles to achieve the stable sleep temperature you desire. Body temperature plays a big part in our sleep quality, which is why the Ecosa mattress’ built-in air circulation system allows air to flow freely through the pin-core holes across all layers of the mattress, so you can say goodnight to sleeping hot. 

If you want a great night’s sleep, try the Ecosa Mattress. It’s not often I rave about something, but I am super impressed with this mattress. It wasn’t love at first sleep, but it’s definitely love now, and one that is going to last the distance.

I promised a follow-up on the mattress and a rating out of 10. I give it a solid 9.9. If it could cure the hub’s snoring, it would be a 10.

Did I mention it comes in a box! Complete game-changer

The Ecosa mattress is environmentally conscious too – certified with CertiPUR-US and OEKO-Tex Standard 100 – which was an important aspect for me when choosing a mattress, that and the 15-year guarantee. 

If you want to check out the mattress and toper out, click here Escoa 

Hot Tip: I’ve just checked out the website and, at the time of writing, they currently have $200 off all mattresses.

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