Brooke Shields: ‘I do think women in their 50s are sexier. If you don’t like it, it’s not my problem’

Brooke Shields role model

If we were assembling a star-studded group of our favourite Hollywood stars for a ‘role model’ cover shoot this week, you can bet Brooke Shields would be one of the first calls we’d make.

Talented, strong, stunning, whip-smart funny, fashion icon, and oh-so comfortable in her own skin, Brooke, 53, has emerged in recent years as inspiration for generation ageless.

Here are just a few of our favourite quotes of late from the one-time 12-year-old star of ‘lollyporn’ flick Pretty Baby, the controversial 1978 film her mother Teri famously said, ‘F….’em if they can’t handle it.”

On staying in such great shape: “I had a partial knee replacement and I had to work out really hard so that I could recuperate. I feel I’m in better shape now that ever. It is a liberating thing.” Her secret? Regular boxing sessions and ashtanga yoga.

Reaching mid-life: “I do think women in their 50s are sexier. I don’t know what I thought it was going to be like, but I have much more of this attitude that stems from a place of confidence, of ‘If you don’t like it, that’s not my problem’.”

Why friends are everything: When I had my 50th birthday party, I looked around and I was so moved by it. I have a small but very loyal group of friends, and then my family. My half-sisters and I are all very close.”

Raising girls in the era of social media: “It’s terrifying to me, all these pictures that get posted, it’s so hard to have them believe that they’re not real.”

How she stays so calm: “My husband’s an incredibly balanced source. He’s very comfortable in his own self and he’s so funny. My thing is that I want to be ready for the worst, always. He makes me crazy, but he says, ‘We’ll figure it out’. It’s a relief to have someone who, if I need it, takes care of me.”

The importance of self-belief: “There’s a key thing I’ve become preoccupied with. I’ve spent my life trying to humble. And it has a boomerang effect if you’re not careful, because being humble is also dimming your light.”

We couldn’t agree more – that’s why we started 50 So What!


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