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Before I was approached by Cryoclinics Australia with the offer of a facial, I had been complaining to our creative director Justyna about my skin.

It was dry after we had just come out of winter and into spring, I was stressed and it showed on my face. My face felt dirty, rough and in dire need of a bit of a pick-me-up.

I love a facial – a nice relaxing one – but I also like one that delivers results, so I was very happy to try this one out.

I meet with the lovely Linda from Cryoclinics Australia in Lane Cove, Sydney, for a facial with Pelactiv products.

Pelactiv Products
A beautiful Clinic

Linda went through my concerns and tailored a facial to my needs. It’s not often that Linda does just a facial: she does a lot of skin tightening treatments on the face too, which I was unable to have due to a recent procedure on my skin.

However, I was able to have the Pelactiv facial. I’m usually dubious about facials. I love them, don’t get me wrong and if I could, I would have one once a week.

However, that is cost prohibitive for most of us, and if I am paying good money, I want my treatment to work.

This one did!

I left the room, after an hour with Linda (and let me say, the massage I had was incredible – the best I have had!). My skin was glowing. Did I look 10 years younger, no (I wasn’t in for a facelift) but I looked fabulous. My skin was lovely and dewy, the dryness was gone and it felt and looked rejuvenated. I am converted.

Linda working her magic.

Linda used a peel on my face, it was the number 2. There are three: 1, 2, and 3. Two is the mid-range. It tingled a bit, which I like, as it is a sign for me it’s working. I can honestly say my skin looked and still looks great. It was the jolt my tired and dull skin needed.

Justyna wanted to get her skin ready for her trek to Base Camp, Mount Everest. She wanted to give it a bit of pampering and moisturising – as it’s going to get a bit of a shock in the constant cold and at altitude. As with me, she loved the treatment, and her skin looked fantastic. Definitely moisturised and ready for the epic experience ahead.

Enjoying some downtime.
Fresh faced, glowing skin.

Pelactiv is a premium skincare brand with a specific focus on quality products and natural results. Pelactiv provides a simple, easy to use skincare range tailored to suit all skin types and conditions that guarantees to bring your skin to its healthiest level possible.

Each product has a beautiful, individual scent that is derived from natural essential oils – Quandong, Native Common Blackthorn, Desert Fuchsia Rose, Wild Passionfruit, Lemon Tea Tree and Native Kaputa. These natural ingredients make it completely safe for even the most sensitive skin types to use and still receive outstanding, long lasting results.

The botanical extracts contained in the Pelactiv range play an integral role in exfoliating, regenerating, strengthening, smoothing and restoring the skin’s radiance and vitality.

Continued use of the Pelactiv range promotes hydration – giving the skin a plump, more youthful appearance. Fine lines diminish and pigmentation fades. Pores become more refined and the skin evenly textured.

Pelactiv goes beyond merely repairing the skin – it boosts the production of collagen, elastin and healthy new cells. The noticeable results are fresher, brighter, younger, visibly healthy skin at any age.

At Cryoclinics Australia the Pelactiv facials involve a double cleanse, facial peel, serums to suit each customer’s needs as well as a hydrating moisturiser, and if you are lucky enough, a fabulous massage by Linda.

A very big thank you to Linda for such a wonderful experience, and for helping my skin feel great.

Need to know

Treatment Cost: Relaxing Pelactiv facial – $145 (this is a great price)
Worth it: 100%. I am booking in for more. I loved it.
Results: My skin was glowing. Linda did my treatment and I highly recommend her.
Where: Cryoclinics Australia, Ground Floor, 71 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove, NSW 2066
Contact: www.cryoclinics.com.au

  • Please note, that this is from my personal experience. Results may vary.
    An alternative to this facial was the Skin Tightening Facial, which is $250


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