Feeling Out Of Sync? 5 Universal Truths To Get You Back On Track


I have spent all of my life connected to Spirit and more than 25 years as a truth seeker.

I have travelled the world and learned much from many great transformational leaders, spiritual gurus, and shamans. I still have lots to learn, or more accurately, remember.

When I stopped seeking and instead leaned into remembering, everything became so much clearer. From this space, I rediscovered five universal truths that apply to each one of us and underpin our evolutionary process.

Rebecca Jackson 5 Universal Truths
Author Rebecca Jackson: “When I stopped seeking everything became clearer.”

When applied, these truths, which are presented next, will instantly bring you back into alignment with the good-feeling, high vibrational space of love and higher consciousness.

1. You are the creator

As long as you are breathing, you are creating. Our thoughts are the foundational ingredient in shaping our reality. What reality is being created by your thoughts? Are they creating a life of love, purpose, and joy? Or are they creating a world where you are dissatisfied, frustrated, or in pain?

To change your life, you need to take responsibility for your thoughts and actions. When you choose to consciously create – to let go of old logic that is not congruent with your highest and commit to higher-level thought patterns – you are co-creating in alignment with your soul.

2. You are part of something bigger than yourself

There is something so sweet about knowing that you are part of a greater plan. It provides an understated confidence and a lovely sense of calm. In times of expansion, this knowledge grants a profound clarity about what’s real and what’s not, what’s truly important and what’s irrelevant.

Awareness that you are not alone and in fact are part of the universe provides great relief when you are expanding. When you fully embrace the knowing that you are part of something bigger than yourself, miracles and magic will show up for you in the most unexpected and pleasing ways.

3. Now is the only moment that matters

Time is irrelevant. The only true moment that matters is now. No matter what has happened to you in the past, who has wronged you, and what mistakes you’ve made, none of it exists in the now. If you are feeling hopeless, angry, or sad, it is what it is in that moment of time. It only has form

in the moment that it is created. How you feel and what you think and do in the future are not determined by the past but only become real in the present.

4. You always have a choice

A beautiful part of our human experience is the gift of choice. In every moment, we have a choice. The ultimate choice is knowing that you are the creator. How will you create your reality? Will you do it from your highest or unconsciously from your familiar old thought patterns and constructs?

It’s common to hear people who are awakening say “I don’t feel like I have a choice.” And it’s not because they don’t have free will, but because anything that is not in alignment with their true essence feels terrible. This experience of contrast, or pain if you will, is actually a beautiful opportunity to expand. The choice is yours in how you experience this growth.

5. You are perfect and whole just as you are

You are a divine child of God. You were created perfect and whole and are exactly where you need to be. You are not your thoughts, your story, or your projections. You are a divine being with unique gifts that no one else possesses on this planet. Your personal medicine is your gift to the world. Your job is to leave behind your false sense of self and remember your magnificence.

Universal Truths to help your life


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