Fire Cupid’s arrow straight into the bedroom this Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Take your bedroom aesthetic to the next level this Valentine’s Day and fire Cupid’s arrow straight into the boudoir with Ecosa – luxury gifts for lovers of the finer things in life.

Irresistibly silky bliss for the ultimate sweet slumber

The best pillow talk is created on the finest pillowcases – and the silky bliss of Ecosa silk pillowcases are the ultimate gift for sweet slumber with your Valentine. The most hypoallergenic of all fabrics, silk is suitable for all skin types – even sleepers with allergies or asthma – and is both durable and breathable at the same time. The silk fabric in Ecosa silk pillowcases also has natural thermal regulating properties, keeping your temperature stabilised no matter what the season. 

Even better, Ecosa silk pillowcases also hold the key to an essential beauty secret – waking up to frizz-free hair. Cotton pillowcases pull and tangle your hair as you sleep, leaving you with a knotted mess in the morning. Sleeping on silk is soft and gentle on your hair, prevents split ends and preserves your precious blow wave for days. Hurrah! 

If your Valentine is all about the environment, they’ll rest easy in the knowledge that Ecosa silk pillowcases are eco-friendly. Silk is a natural, renewable and biodegradable resource – producing silk does not harm the environment in any way. With an OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, Ecosa silk pillowcases are free from any harmful chemicals or substances.

A bestseller that’s the recipient of more than 7000 reviews averaging 4.9 stars, these silky beauties are a sure fire way to achieve the best beauty sleep ever.

Ecosa Bamboo Collection: Unprecedented softness for a 100 per cent sustainable and comfy sanctuary

For a luxe sleep sanctuary that’s set to get the heart racing, the Ecosa Bamboo Collection doesn’t miss a bedtime trick. Beautiful linens, soft touches and stunning colourways combine to produce a dreamy collection that is also environmentally conscious and crafted from 100 percent bamboo. 

From the super-stretch of the fitted sheets, to picture-perfect pillowcases and handy toggles to keep your duvet in place, the Ecosa Bamboo Collection is also naturally hypoallergenic and free from nasties. Simply pick the bedding hue to suit your Valentine’s style – from plain black or charcoal to crisp white and ivory, classic navy blue, to earthy tones like glacial green and oat beige. Blissful Valentine’s Day slumber awaits!

And with more than 5000 reviews averaging 4.9 stars this superstar collection is the bedding on everyone’s lips!

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