How I got my glow back: It’s called DermaShine


I love modern technological advances in appearance medicine. It has always fascinated me, all aspects about it.

When something new comes out, I want to know all about it, who the treatment is best suited for, why should they have it done, what is the down time, what are the expected results, I just want to know everything.

So, with this in mind, when Dr Stephen Lowe approached me about a new treatment they are offering at Total Face in Chatswood, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Especially as I know Dr Lowe would only suggest a treatment that would work, suit my face, and actually get results, while ensuring I looked natural – which is of the utmost importance to me.

So, what is DermaShine? In layman’s terms it is device (a fast and easy injecting system) with nine small needles, which allows tiny equal amounts of a product to be injected evenly and consistently into the top layers of skin.

This product is a hydrating product that mimics what is in your skin already. Don’t worry, it’s not like traditional filler. This is so fine it is basically giving you back what age, sun damage, stress and hormones take away – a healthy glow.

During the treatment

“As we age, our skin loses hydration, elasticity and collagen support, DermaShine Balance stimulates collagen and elastin and adds much needed hydration directly in to the skin” says Dr Stephen Lowe.

My whole face was injected with 3ml of a thin, hydrating filler (hyaluronic acid), which is designed to spread into the top layers of skin to achieve a plumped and dewy glow. I know – 3ml sounds like a lot, but trust me it isn’t. The product is so fine and it is your whole face – so has a large area to cover.

The best part of this treatment was I didn’t feel a thing. Numbing cream was applied beforehand. I was told that during the treatment I might feel a gentle suction sensation, which helps to hold the skin surface firmly, making the procedure more comfortable for me, which helps to minimise the chances of bruising and swelling, making downtime easier.

I didn’t feel a thing! I found it very relaxing – I could have done it all over again and would have happily sat there for another hour. My face wasn’t too red, it had tiny little red dots on it from the needles, but nothing too noticeable. I went food shopping afterward, and nobody gave me a second look.

Straight after the treatment.

Because there are tiny injections sites all over the face, I needed to avoid wearing make-up for 24hrs. So, my advice is getting this treatment on a Friday or over the weekend. While I love my dewy skin, I’m not too keen on going into meetings fresh faced, with little red dots on my face – I’ll wait the extra few days.

Every treatment makes a difference, but for best results it is recommend a series of three treatments, each spaced three weeks apart.

My thoughts on DermaShine is it is a great treatment to have leading up to special events such as a school reunion (I mean you want to look your best!), or approaching the festive season. It is recommended that you allow a gap of two weeks between the procedure and the special occasion.

As soon as I got home from the treatment, my husband told me my skin looked like it was glowing (highly usual for him to make a comment at all, so this was a pleasant surprise) – and it was!

I could easily get addicted to this treatment. It has given me my healthy glow back that age and hormonal issues has taken from me. The best thing, it doesn’t over plump your face, it just gives a healthy glow. It brings your skin back to life.

My suggestion is, have this treatment if you have a special occasion coming up. Have a course of three for maximum results and lap up the compliments you get – because you’ll get them!

Two weeks after treatment, and absolutely love the results. Soft dewy skin.
The low down
  • Treatment time is one hour, including numbing cream
  • A package, which includes three treatments spread three weeks apart, is currently $1500 (summer special, as at November 12, 2018)
  • Downtime nil (but no makeup for 24 hours and you may be red for a day or two)
  • I found it relaxing and not painful at all
  • Worth it yes. My face is glowing
  • I went to Dr Stephen Lowe at Total Face Chatswood Ph: 9904 7279

It’s not cheap, especially as it is recommended to have three treatments (usually you can get a good three treatment package cost). However, the results are fantastic and well worth it

Remember, to always see a professional, ask as many questions as you feel you need to, and go to someone you trust.

This is your hard-earned money and it needs to be respected, as do you. You need to be made to special from the moment you step into the office until the moment you leave. After care is important, as is a follow-up appointment.


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