How to slow the ageing process and reduce stress


How do you think and feel about ageing and the possibilities of slowing down or turning back the biological clock and ageing process? Do you feel like it’s too late to do anything about your current health situation?

Having lived on this planet now for over 62 years and as a wellbeing thought leader, I can share first-hand my experience of questioning, experimenting on myself, researching, studying about health and wellbeing, contemplating, fine tuning, applying, and mentoring thousands of people over many years that activating your vitality and slowing down ageing is within your hands.

Januta has over 30 years experience in the health & welling industry.

The major contributor to rapid ageing that science is now recognising is stress, and the first step I suggest towards slowing your aging process is reducing it through understanding your stress patterns and learning how to identify them and then knowing how to let them go, through reshaping them into positive patterns and behaviours. By getting to know yourself from the inside out and cultivating awareness and a ‘tool kit’ of techniques and strategies to create sustainable inner control is crucial for your happiness and your emotional health, wellbeing, personal power and life to flow. In fact to keep getting better as you age.

Your mind is powerful and the way you conceptualise and react to situations from your past present and towards future creates your reality and how you feel. This is a no blame conversation as it takes time to harness mind power as we haven’t been naturally taught this skill. Have you ever felt stressed? I think I know your answer will be yes! We are living in and wired to a collective rampant stressed-out society. We are taught to be intellectually smart however not naturally emotionally intelligent, heart connected, kind to ourselves and calm. Too much mental stress, releases stress chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol activating the flight and fight mode. Being in this stress state for prolonged periods assaults the nervous system. Stress contributes to premature aging, lowering of the immune system that translates to many debilitating mental emotional and physical health conditions.

Over 5000 years ago, Ancient Yogis, Buddhist Monks, sages, and gurus knew about the science of the soul, and the restorative values of reducing stress through positive breath control and mind control taught through meditation and breathing techniques.

Neuroscientist Dr Jeffrey L Fannin PH. D reported study findings, about the 5 Brain wave frequencies, starting with the fastest to the slowest, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta.  Brain waves change according to what we are doing and thinking. By increasing your delta brain waves through deep meditation and deep sleep states you reduce stress and restore your brain by stimulating the release of melatonin and DHEA hormone that stall the ageing process.

The Telomeres also have a major impact on the integrity of our cells and shorten as we age. They are they caps at the end of each strand of DNA to protect our chromosomes, likened to the tips of shoelaces. If damaged it impacts the cell blueprint and if they shorten too much the cells can no longer duplicate.

Scientist don’t know exactly if a longer healthy life is due to healthy telomeres. Or ageing is exactly due to the shortening of Telomeres. However, they do know that some lifestyle choices such as smoking, or UV light exposure or excess stress can speed up the degradation of our Telomeres

So, it is wise to take action to slow down the process by reducing stress, eating well, exercising, cultivating positive relationships living well and sustaining balanced health and integrity of the DNA and our cells.

Getting outdoors and exercising is such a great way to reduce stress.

This is where positive breathing is beneficial to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and the message the cells are receiving. Remember, your inner dialogue is being heard and whispered to the body on a deep cellular level. Be mindful of what you think. It’s the subtle awareness of noticing that will change your life

Life is a journey and to live it well by accepting where you’re at and applying a creative mind and passion within simple moments is your natural birth-right. Through healthy practices for the body mind and deeper self and identifying your uniqueness and positive mind state, creates a platform for your life to be navigated through the ebb and flow in balanced healthy trusting ways.

Let’s reduce stress slow ageing and bring on calm, kindness, gratefulness, inspiration, and a happy ageing life.

About the author:
Januta is living proof that reducing stress and living well is the key to slow ageing.

Januta is an Author, Thought Leader, Corporate Performance Coach with over 30 years’ experience in the health and wellbeing industry and as a senior human resource professional. She is the founder of Executive Wellbeing Pty Ltd, “Her extensive eastern and western science-based training, as well as her senior-level human resources consulting experience, forms the foundation of the Master Class Series – a series of personal development workshops and international retreats. She is also a yoga teacher and the creator of “The Knowing Flow”, Vinyasa Yoga series and the renowned Transformational Breathing activation program.

She features regularly in the media and as a keynote speaker for events and writer for health and lifestyle publications.