I stood half naked in -150 degrees Celsius and have never felt better

When I was approached by Cryoclinics Australia to try a whole body cryotherapy session, I politely asked if I could have a facial instead.

The thought of standing half naked in a temperature-controlled cooling chamber for three minutes while being blasted with -150°C of dry cold had me running scared. I thought I’d have a heart attack. Totally irrational, I know.

Warming up for the main event with a fabulous facial.
The Lane Cove, Sydney Clinic.

When our appointment finally arrived, our creative director Justyna and I eased into the day with a fabulous facial, with me still a little nervous about what lay ahead.

The clinic looked lovely, the staff were incredible and we spoke a lot about the cryotherapy – I asked a lot of questions.

I was fascinated – my defenses were coming down! I noticed several people go in for their treatments, and they all came out after about five minutes with smiles on their faces and they looked really good.

I wanted what they were having. More importantly I wanted to feel how they looked.

My mind was ticking over, and when clinic experts Andrew and Linda asked if we wanted to do it, I looked at Justyna and said let’s do it!

I knew if I didn’t do it, I would regret it. So being the brave thing I am, I sent Justyna in first!

To say we were both nervous is an understatement. We headed towards the room, I could feel poor Justyna’s nerves. I was nervous for her.

After the medical run down and formalities we head in to get changed (we wore our bikinis), put protective gloves on and socks and a robe, which are provided. Once in the sauna, Andrew will take your robe and he also stays in the room the whole time (apart from when you are changing).

He monitors you, talks to you and reassures you – which helps both of us get through it. The sauna door is not locked, so you can get out at any time. You are in control the whole time. I think knowing this helped a lot.

Looking surprisingly happy. I loved it.
Justyna doing really well.

During both of our treatments (we were in the room for each other as moral support), we decided to jog on the spot. Some people meditate – I’m not sure how they manage it, but good for them. For us, we found it much easier to move around and juggle our hands in the air, and move in a circle.

I moved around in circles. It helped me get through it.
The clinic will provide robes, gloves and socks.

The halfway mark of 90 seconds is, for both of us, the hardest point. I think this is when all the blood is rushing to your organs to protect them. It feels strange but once you get through that you get a feeling of euphoria. The three minutes is up before you know it. Once out, we both feel incredible.

The energy, the feeling of achievement, the satisfaction that we did it, but mostly the feeling of energy – it’s fantastic. I honestly felt like I could run a marathon.

I can see why this treatment is firmly embedded into the health and beauty regimes of celebrities and sports stars internationally – the health benefits are definitely there.

Cryoclinics Australia has launched in the country thanks to founder Luke Guanlao, a franchising powerhouse in the health and wellness space.

With a range of cryotherapy, cryolipolysis and related treatments on offer, Cryoclinics Australia offers cutting-edge technology in body sculpting, face rejuvenation and rapid muscle recovery.

With massive followings overseas, particularly in Europe and the USA, household name celebrities already use whole body cryotherapy for both fitness recovery as well as weight loss – and it’s these treatments that Luke wants to make accessible to everyday health and wellness fans.

Celebrity fans include Mark Wahlberg, Will Smith, Demi Moore, Tony Robbins, the New York Knicks, Floyd Mayweather, Jessica Alba, Daniel Craig, Alicia Keys, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Jennifer Aniston, to name a few.

Whole body cryotherapy (which is what we did) involves spending a few minutes in temperatures as low as -150°C, and provides a wide range of benefits like injury and ailment management including the treatment of arthritis and inflammation, rapid muscle recovery, and boosted endorphins and metabolism.

Providing safe, non-invasive alternatives to traditional cosmetic procedures such as surgical liposuction, Cryoclinics Australia also specialises in cryolipolysis (fat freezing), radio frequency skin tightening treatments, cellulite reduction, facials and skincare, and vibration massages.

These treatments provide a wide variety of benefits for almost everyone from those looking to shed a few pounds to those seeking ageing-well treatments, as they have been proven to be beneficial for improvement to general overall health and skin appearance, fat loss, and rejuvenated skin.

Cryoclinics Australia offers safe and medical-grade treatments, with registered nurses completing each procedure, and a comprehensive pre-treatment assessment as well as support and information during and after treatments.

I would like to thank Andrew and Linda from Cryoclinics Australia, Lane Cove for a wonderful morning. We thoroughly enjoyed our time, and both of us are now converts. I have never felt so good! It was the kick that my mid-life self needed.

I was feeling sluggish, tired and in a fog (which is very common for women like myself going through hormone changes), this treatment left me feeling energised. I loved it.

Am I glad I did this treatment, 100% yes. Justyna felt the same. It is something that we will both do again.

Quick facts
  • Treatment Cost: Whole body cryotherapy – $89
  • Worth it: 100%. I am booking in for more. I loved it.
  • Results: I left feeling energised, upbeat both physically and mentally. I had a very good sleep that night too.
  • Where: Cryoclinics Australia, Ground Floor, 71 Longueville Rd, Lane Cove, NSW 2066
    Contact: www.cryoclinics.com.au.