Inspiring new books we’re reading that could just change your life

inspiring new books

The self-help book sections, online and in-store, are of course teaming with all manner of glossy tomes purporting to hold the secrets to fabulous wealth and adulation.

But how many are actually speaking to us, the middle-aged reader who has heard all the BS ever invented and just wants good old-fashioned career inspiration and advice they can trust?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve combed the vaults of recent releases and come up with two titles we think encapsulate exactly that – and what’s more, they’re both by fair dinkum Australian authors to boot.

Generation Experience, by Hunter Leonard

Inspiring career books

As many of us know from first-hand experience, it can be a daunting proposition to start anew at our age, especially after you’ve come out of a redundancy, or are forced back to work after a lengthy hiatus. Hunter Leonard, however, a Sydney-based business owner, marketer, speaker and philanthropist, is here to tell us that it’s all going to be just fine. In fact, a whole lot better than just fine. Based on his vast experience of helming his own businesses, and guiding others to success, he reckons we’re better equipped in middle age than most to hang out our shingle. “Your greatest opportunity in starting a business in your forties or older involves you: your experience working for others, your life experience, and the barriers you’ve faced and overcome,” Hunter writes in this indispensable eight-step guide for mature-age business success. He takes you through every facet of first-time business ownership; from sitting you down for a frank self-assessment of you readiness, to the rules of quality management and why it’s also important to have an exit strategy. It’s packed full of tried-and-true gems that Hunter’s road-tested himself. If this doesn’t inspire you to give it a crack, we’re not sure what will.

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Dancing with the Bull, by Matthew Simon

inspiring books to change your life

A change of pace, but no less motivating, is this cutting allegory on the absurdities and many vagaries of office life.  Set in a busy world with neither mobile phones nor computers, Dancing with the Bull is a humorous, yet thought-provoking tale exploring the machinations of modern corporate life, as seen through the eyes of Luke Glass; a Master of the Universe and ​incredibly important person who has it all. However, when Luke unexpectedly loses his job, his incredibly busy life comes to an abrupt end, and he suddenly finds himself a mere mortal at home alone with only his unsympathetic dog for company. It is not until Luke meets Manifesto, a mysterious archetype, that he can move on and re-enter the world of power and influence he so desperately craves. Only this time it’s different, all is not what it seems, and, in the end, Luke needs to choose between the corporate games he has always played and the story of a boy in search of a bull he discovers by chance.

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