My simple tips to make every day feel better

hot flushes

Every now and again it’s great to get a reminder of little things we can do that can be good for our wellbeing. If you are anything like me, it’s so easy to get stuck in the day-to-day grind of work, errands, and normal life stuff like housework, shopping etc.

We often put ourselves at the bottom of this list, and it’s not until our bodies find a way to say STOP, and that’s usually a cold, a flu, a bug or just tiredness, grumpiness and being fed-up with the world and everyone in it that we stop and realise that we’ve let our selfcare slip.

Here are a few wellbeing reminders to help us feel better.

Get some fresh air

It sounds so simple doesn’t it.  But when was the last time you sat outside, got some peace and quiet, and did nothing. Just sat, taking in the world, no pressure, no stress, just sat and soaked it all up. Even if you take 15 minutes in the day. It makes a world of difference.

Turn off the mobile phone. Now, this very notion may well send shivers up your spine, and if this is you, then you definitely need to switch off the phone. Try it, even if it’s just for an hour. Go on, you can do it. It’s a sense of freedom. Let go, I promise you, it will do you the world of good. No one bugging you, no message alerts pinging left, right and centre. You will be surprised how much you get done.

Get those tootsies in the sand

Take those shoes off and get those tootsies in the grass or sand

Really get them in there. Scrunch them up and go for it. Oh, the feeling of being grounded works wonders. It takes you back to childhood, it leaves you with a sense of freedom, it’s wonderful, it’s magical. It takes you out of the ‘now’. It’s called grounding, and doing this can be good for your soul. When you remove those shoes, it’s almost like you are removing all the crap from the day. It’s a release. It’s great. Go for it. ps. I’m starting to sound like an ageing hippy, but it works, I promise you, and I’m all for ageing hippies!

Call your friend

It’s a great form of therapy. You don’t have to dump all your crap onto your friend (that’s what a therapist is paid for), but just having a laugh is the best form of therapy you can get. Having a chat to someone who knows you, who just ‘gets’ you, can be the best leveler when you are feeling crappy or have had a crappy day.

On the other side of the above. Call your friend to check in, just to say hi, because you never know how much that one call could mean. The simplest, and cheapest things in life can have the most positive impact on someone.


Sounds simple doesn’t it. But it’s something we forget to do. Get up, stand up straight and put your shoulders back. How bloody good does that feel. Now, put your arms above your head, interlock your fingers and stretch. Again, it feels good. You are not only releasing tension but stretching your body. It’s so good for you. It’s rejuvenating. Again, it only takes a few seconds, but makes a positive impact.

Try a sunset walk. It’s good for the soul.

Get some exercise

I’m not talking about giving Usan Bolt a run for his money or winning a gold medal lifting 5000000000 kilos. I’m talking about a simple walk around the block. It’s free, you don’t need any special gear, nor do you need to prance around in the latest leggings, noise blocking airphones or Instagram worthy overpriced shoes. A 30-minute walk has so many health benefits from better sleep, better mental clarity, good for your stress levels, good for your circulation and the list goes on.

Say no

The best thing about being a fully formed adult is we have the power (and it is a power) to say no. Say no to overcommitting, say no to those extra hours at work, say no to that catch-up when you are tired or sick. Those that love you and care for you will understand. They will understand if you can’t make those drinks or that catch-up. We can’t be everything to everyone and sometimes we have to say no. It’s not selfish it’s sensible.


I know I am going to sound like some sort of barefoot, harem pant yoga chanting incense burning fanatic (I’m actually liking the sound of this) but a bit of meditation can work wonders. The Jo of 10 even five years ago would be rolling around the floor in fits about meditation. However, the Jo of now, understands the benefits. I think it’s the whole menopause thing. I’m yearning for more inner peace. It works, it really does. Even finding a quiet place with five minutes calm and timeout works wonders.

Ignore the dickheads

A gentle reminder, that some people can be right dickheads. While we don’t want to focus on them or give them any energy (because they just aren’t worth it), dickheads are out there, and this is a reminder that what they say or do, is a direct reflection on them, not you. Yes, it’s easy to let them bugger up your day, but don’t. If a dickhead upsets you, call a friend or your partner and tell them about it. They will rally around you, lift you up and make you feel better.

Nothing beats clean sheets

Sort your shit out

I promise I’m not turning into Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart, but cleaning our bedroom, sorting out our draws/wardrobe, putting clean sheets on the bed and lighting your favourite candle is good for the soul. It creates a sense of ‘I have my shit together’, calmness, cleanliness and it will help you get a good night sleep. Just call me Jo Kondo.

Get moody

I cannot believe I am saying this. BUT create a mood board, yes, a mood board, or write a list of your goals. You know that saying, ‘If we fail to plan, plan to fail’, well, after 50 years I have finally come around to a goal list. I’m not into NY resolutions, I think they are silly and can often set us up for failure, but a mood board or goal list seems less aggressive.

Reach out

Last but not certainly least.  You are never alone. It sounds so trite saying that, but it’s true. So often we think we are alone in our problems, that nobody can help us, that nothing will make it better or that we feel isolated. This can often happen during perimenopause and menopause. The flushes, the peeing, the hairy face, the farting, the moods (the list is extensive, so I’ll stop while I am ahead) but you get the drift. I promise you, you aren’t alone and the more we talk and discuss and share, no matter how embarrassing you may think it is, the better we will all be. There are so many resources now, from websites, to Instagram accounts, great specialists. We have help, so please reach out if you need it.

Do something nice just for you today. Buy that coffee, have that treat, take time out etc. Whatever it is, just do it.

I hope these simple, yet hopefully effective ideas help, in some small way, to make your day better.

Jo x

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