No more lugging around an extra suitcase for your skincare

Thank the travel skincare gods that I no longer need to lug around an extra suitcase for my skincare (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean).

My favourite brand – and no, this is not an ad or paid for – have the perfect travel packs, all in my favourites. The hub let out a sigh of relief when he saw my small skincare kit.

ESK has the smallest, most simple, easy to use travel packs. They are as light as a feather, require no thinking at all; just throw into your suitcase and you are good to go. Call me nuts, but I used to get so stressed packing half my life into a bag to go away. I like hassle-free, light travelling.

I’ve made no secret of my love of ESK Skincare. Why? It’s simple really, because it works. My skin has changed considerably as I have aged (not surprising and totally expected) and I have found that EKS has the products for my forever changing skin, and products which are effective, that work, that nourish my dry skin and that address the changes in my skin such as texture, pigmentation and the products support my skin after having laser, which I love and has helped my skin.

I absolutely love the ESK range

Having good skin comes down to a number of things, it’s just not good genes (which do play a part, don’t get me wrong, and I don’t have great genes when it comes to skin), but other factors such as sun exposure (I was always at the beach and was into surf lifesaving when I was young), diet, exercise, stress, etc. However, for me, good skincare with active ingredients works and that’s why I love ESK, the range is evolving with me.

I’ve had lots of questions about which products I choose from the range, so I have detailed them below. My skin is dry (thanks perimenopause), but I get the odd pimple, I have pigmentation and really need a lot of hydrations.


Calming Cleanser

C Forte (vitamin C high strength)

Zinc Shade


Smooth Serum

Ultimate A+ (high strength Vitamin A)

B Quenched


Repair + which is a super hydrating moisturiser. I use this when my skin is really dry, stressed or just needs some extra love.

Primer, which I use before my make-up. It’s incredible and gives me that dewy look. I’m obsessed and love it.

The travel kit makes travelling so much easier.

I’ve used many skincare brands, trialled a lot of skincare and for me, especially at this stage in my life ESK works and works really well. I love that the range is continually evolving with products that evolve with my changing skin. I also love the travel packs; these are bloody brilliant!

Here’s to being able to travel again. It’s exciting and I’m looking forward to exploring.

Have a great week everyone x.