Picture essay: Stunning Tasmania through the lens of Justyna Delofski

Tasmania photo essay

Our creative director Justyna Delofski loves a good hike – in November this year she’s lacing up the boots to make the lung-busting trek to Mt Everest Base Camp.

So, what better way to warm up for her Himalayan adventure than to head to the breathtaking trails of Tasmania – with camera and tripod on board, of course.

We hope you’re inspired to visit too after enjoying her gallery of stunning shots. Just click on an image below to get started.


Justyna’s top Tassie tips:
  1. If you are hiking like myself the best seasons to go are definitely spring and autumn, when the mornings are crisp and the day temperature is just perfect. It’s much easier to hike when it’s not too hot.
  2. Be prepared and have proper clothing if staying in the Cradle Mountains. The weather in Tasmania is very unpredictable and can change very fast, therefore having warm fleece, waterproof jacket and hiking boots are must.
  3. Always have sunblock – even if it’s cloudy.
  4. Rent a car, it’s so much easier to drive around and stop when you want to.
  5. Make a list where you want to go and do your research. Tasmania is not too big, however, there are still long distances between the main cities and attractions can be even three hours one way.
  6. Do not stay in Launceston longer then a day or two. It’s such a small place and there is not much to do. It’s a good place to fly in to and then make your way up to the mountains from, down to Wineglass Bay or to see Bay of Fires, however, the drive is up to two hours each way so it might be easier to stay 1-2 nights in each destination to really enjoy it and not to be in the car for too long.
  7. When going to Cradle Mountain and staying in the cottages, make sure you do your shopping before you arrive. A 40-minute drive from Launceston is a small town called Deloraine which is your best place to stock up. Once you arrive in the mountains there are no shops around and the Highlander Cottages have fully equipped kitchens.
  8. If you do forget your grocery shopping, don’t panic. You can still enjoy nice food in the Cradle Mountain Lodge, and next to the Information Centre there is also a small café.
  9. Don’t listen to people who say that there is not much to do in Tasmania. It is not true! Tasmania has so many beautiful hidden walks where you can enjoy the nature, rainforests, amazing waterfalls, and see animals like wombats , kangaroos and birds.
  10. While in Hobart go to Salamanca Market, take a drive to Mt Wellington and enjoy tasty food and Tasmanian wine.