Say Hola to probiotics in skincare


Over the last few years, our chemist and supermarket shelves have been populated with probiotic tablets, drinks, bars and shakes, promising increased health benefits from improved digestive system function to increased immune systems.

Although it felt like probiotics were having a ‘moment in the spotlight’ they have actually been a part of human existence for thousands of years. Since scientists started researching them more, not only do we understand the benefits of probiotics, we have even been able to create completely new ones.

One health benefit of probiotics is helping reduce the severity of skin conditions, such as eczema. So it wasn’t long before we started seeing probiotics included in skincare products. Dermatologist the world over have studied the way in which probiotics can protect the skin from our environmental stresses, hydrate skin, balance skin pH levels and improve skin dryness.

We sat down with HOLA Australia to discuss their new HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Collection to find out more about how this healthy bacteria can help our skin.

What type of skin conditions can probiotics in skincare help alleviate?

The question to ask yourself when considering to use probiotics in skincare is, how healthy is my skin? If you have dull skin, blemishes, oily & dry combination skin, uneven skintone, open pores, sensitive skin or skin that is super dry and peeling, then you could benefit from using probiotics in skincare.

Milk Probiotic Illuminating Cleanser

How does bacteria help alleviate these skin concerns?

A mixture of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics work in different ways to help alleviate skin conditions. For probiotics, we use lactobacillus to help calm and comfort skin to instantly relieve the dry, tight and bothered sensations that comes with irritation. We also use prebiotics, like rice extract and fermented grapeseed to work as the front-line defence. They help balance skin pH levels while supporting the skins barrier function and boosting healthy bacteria. Lastly, postbiotics feed healthy bacteria to protect against free radical damage. They also protect against UV-induced skin damage and provide an anti-ageing effect.

Your new probiotic skincare collection has a dual focus, tell us more about that.

The HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Series was developed with a targeted dual focus to ensure healthy and radiant skin. The range contains probiotics for healthy skin and 5 x brightening ingredients to ensure the skin looks as radiant and as healthy as it feels.

What 5 brightening ingredients does it include?

Nonfat Milk Extract to condition and brighten skin, tangerine peel to brighten dull and uneven skintone, vitamin C to lighten dark spots, niacinamide to lighten skin and glutathione to fight pigmentation.

How many products are in the range?

We have 4 products within the range to make for a simple but effective skincare regime. We all don’t have the time for a extravagant 7-step skincare regime, so we ensured this range is simple and incredibly effective.

Milk Probiotic Illuminating Face Cream

Tell us about the 4 products.

The HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Cleanser is a thorough cleansing system that clears away impurities while protecting and strengthening skin. Using amino acid as a safe, reliable and gentle cleansing agent, our cleanser promotes clean and clear skin.

The HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Toner is a creamy fast absorbing toner that nourishes and hydrates skin for a healthy glow while containing probiotics and 5 x brightening ingredients.

The HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Essence is a nourishing essence that balances the skins microbiome while protecting skin. It also contains brightening ingredients for glowing, revitalised and illuminated skin.

The HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Face Cream is a soft and light cream that smooths and softens skin while allowing skin to hold hydration. The texture is so light and creamy, like a soft-serve ice-cream!

How do you apply the products and in what order?

Begin with the HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Cleanser and apply and adequate amount to your face and massage it in a circular motion before rinsing clean. Next, take the HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Toner and shake well before use. Then, spread an adequate amount onto your face and neck and massage in until full absorbed. After using the Toner, apply an adequate amount of the HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Essence on your face and beck and massage until fully absorbed. Finally, after using the Essence, apply the creaming HOLA Milk Probiotic Illuminating Face Cream to your face and neck.

Where can we buy the range?

The entire collection costs $136 for all 4 products and is available online via For Melbourne-based readers, the range is available in-store at the Glamourflage Store in Melbourne Central Shopping Centre (re-opening post current lockdowns)