Sustainable shopping helping local Nepalese women

nepalese bags
Pictures: Justyna Delofski

After trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp, our creative director, and intrepid traveller, Justyna Delofski stumbled across a beautiful bag shop during her last days in Kathmandu.

Searching for a refuge from the chaos and noise of the bustling Nepalese capital, she discovered the perfect souvenirs for family and friends.

Beautiful handmade bags.

Each bag also holds a story; of how the bag is made, the products they are made off, how long it takes to make each bag and most importantly how they support women in Nepal, by giving them skills and training so they can work, become independent and help support their family and themselves.

Buying these bags – you can also order them online – and knowing the history, work and story behind them makes them all the more special, says Justyna, who also purchased a few bags for herself, knowing that they were helping locals.

“It was special and a connection to a place that I love.

“I absolutely love the idea of supporting businesses that empower women and help them with their skills, and help them to improve their lives.”

Justyna says there are are number of women’s skills development organisations such as WoVen Nepal – the group behind the bag range – that are providing financial support to disadvantaged women across rural Nepal.

Justyna with the perfect ‘everyday’ bag made with love and purpose.

WoVen Nepal aims to empower economically disadvantaged Nepalese women by giving them free vocational skill trainings and a job facility to help them become independent. WoVen Nepal products also include dolls, pillow cases and purses.

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