The all-natural cult exfoliant that lives up to the hype


I get sent a lot of beauty products to try, 99% of them I never share, because they don’t work, or they don’t agree with my skin. So when I received a package of Boa products, I decided to trail them for a few months, and if I liked them, I’d share them. Well… I can now see why the Boa exfoliant is fast coming the ‘must have’ beauty product. I tried it, and I (and most importantly my skin) love it!

The exfoliant is a small stick, every much like an old fashioned deo stick. Yes, it’s a stick. It goes on dry, you roll it on a wet/damp face, which is unlike anything else I have ever used. You then massage it and you’ll find the product balls (the first time I used this, it balled a lot, as my skin needed a good exfoliant and removed a lot of dead skin cells – now, it doesn’t ball as much, as my skin is clearer and cleaner after using the product for a couple of months – which is a good thing!). Once you’ve done this, clean the exfoliant off with the cleanser.

Check out this link to see how the exfoliant actually works – you really need to see it for your own eyes. (1) How it works- Best way to exfoliate sensitive skin I BOA (

I’m hooked! This little stick of goodness is a gem! My skin glows afterwards. It’s like a chemical peel without the chemicals. I cannot talk more highly of this product. My skin loves it. It feels so clean, fresh and most of all, glowing afterwards. Oh, did I mention that Boa is all natural too. It’s a winner.

The’ must-have’ product. Boa exfoliant.

Want more information (I know you do) read on.

My favourite Boa product, the exfoliant is clay-based and takes off only the dead cells, not healthy cells (unlike a scrub, peel or micro) so it’s more gentle if you have sensitive skin. This product is highly effective and can actually replace microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Last week I got two people comment on how good my skin was looking. Yes, two!

I use the exfoliant twice a week, you can’t actually ever over-exfoliate with BOA – its impossible as BOA only takes off dead cells. BOA works like and can replace microdermabrasion or a chemical peel (but without the chemicals). You only need to use BOA 1-2 times per week. There is no point using it more frequently as all your dead cells would have been removed already. The exfoliant is great for getting sunscreen thoroughly removed and avoiding sunscreen breakouts, and many people use the exfoliant before applying their make-up as it smooths the surface of the skin, giving a better application. Same goes for self-tan. For me, I use this at night for a clean, fresh, clear and glowing face.

The complete package

The BOA Exfoliant is great for:

  • Preventing congestion and reducing pore size
  • Getting rid of blackheads and dry patches
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Giving you a brighter complexion, reducing scarring and pigmentation
  • Giving you an even, smooth tone
  • Give you a smoother make-up application
  • Allow serums and moisturises penetrate deeper

Top tip:

When you first use the exfoliant , use it every day until it stops working. Then, you can space out to 1-3 times per week. Your skin will let you know how often you need to use it and you can be guided by the amount of balling you’re getting.

My skin is very dry, so I need to put water on my fingers while I am massaging the exfoliant into my skin.

I use the cleanser before and after the exfoliant.

It took me a few nights to get the hang of using the product, but once I did, it’s great. Sometimes I put the exfoliant on, and massage my skin without getting the balling, but the exfoliant still works and once I wash it off, after a good massage, my skin feels and looks incredible.

I use the once or twice a week, and it’s an add on to my usual skincare routine.

The cleanser is like the exfoliant in that it takes away only impurities and make-up, not the healthy oils which need to stay to keep the skin healthy. It is made from beautiful ingredients which actually detoxify deep within your pores to help with congestion in the skin. Also clay-based, natural and highly effective at detoxifying. It is best used after all dead cells have been removed so it can penetrate deeply into the pores. You can also use it as a mask (or spot treatment) to prolong exposure to the detox ingredients.

The serum is pure magic – I can’t even tell you how many amazing natural but highly effective ingredients it has in, some of which mimic active ingredients (such as hyaluronic acid) so it helps with boosting collagen, reducing redness and fine lines (and can help reduce stretch marks too).

Boa exfoliant gets a 10/10 from me. I’m hooked

Some facts:

  • The importance of exfoliation is to help with speeding up the cell renewal cycle. As we age, the cell regeneration cycle slows and so manually removing the dead cells helps the younger cells to come to the surface of the skin, reducing appearance of fine lines. The serum also has a natural collagen booster, plumping the skin and helping to remove any redness.
  • This product helps women to feel the confidence to go make-up free and reduce the amount of make-up they use (embracing your skin). BOA can smooth out the tone and texture of the skin, giving it glow. Often after using BOA, you don’t want to cover up your skin.
  • If you can’t use acids/active ingredients on your sensitive skin? These are highly effective alternatives that actually work (some of the ingredients mimic those of active ingredients such as a natural version of Hyaluronic acid and a natural collagen booster).
  • If you don’t want to spend money on microdermabrasion or chemical peels? BOA is a simple yet highly effective skincare routine you can use to rejuvenate your skin at home. The BOA exfoliant works like a chemical peel, only its such great value at $59 which lasts 6-8 months and its natural!).

I’ll be sharing this product on my Instagram stories, keep an eye out, they’ll be coming in June. You can see first-hand how effective it is.

Check out Boa here

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