The Aussie brand cutting your skincare regime in half

skincare regime

If you want a simple, effective, and easy 30-second skincare regime (yes, it actually exists), then Cinch is for you, thanks to Aussie mum Renee Moore.

Cinch is all about simple skin care. Founder Renee created Cinch so everyone could have clear, glowing, hydrated skin in seconds. Without compromise.

With five benefits in each easy-to-use product, 30 seconds is all you need to get back to the glowing version of you. Clinch is building a community of like-minded women and is offering an effortless, multi-purpose skincare range that saves time and money.

Renee Moore, Founder Cinch Skincare

Clinch leaves behind intimidating complex routines, photo-shopped models and marketing hyperbole. They are all about helping increase confidence and self-esteem in women: Real women, real glow. They also ask that any content shared is filter free and shows the ‘real you’. I LOVE THAT!

Cinch see themselves as rebels of the beauty industry – who are always challenging the norm and the expectations set by mainstream beauty companies. “Think about how many times the beauty industry tries to brainwash us into thinking we need upwards of 10 products to see best results… NOT TRUE!” says a Cinch spokesperson.

Cinch challenges the industry with their two-step, 30 second routine. Each of the products take the place of five commonly used skincare products.

Cinch is stocked in some of Australia’s favourite retailers, including Priceline and Adore Beauty and ships to over 85 countries.

From multi-functional cleansing products to 5-in-1 moisturisers, Cinch products contain ingredients that are clinically proven and backed by results so you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re well on your way to your dream skin.

Simple, effective products that really work.

I was sent the Pump & Glow moisturiser and the Cleanse & Glow. I’m not going to lie, I am a beauty junkie and have many products sitting in my bathroom, so was wondering how effective these two products would be. Well, they were bloody great! The moisturiser was fantastic and left my skin hydrated without feeling heavy. My skin felt soft, and the cleanser got rid of all my make-up and left my skin feeling refreshed and clean and hydrated.

I love this concept. Two steps and you are done. Easy, effective, time-saving and good for your skin, oh and it’s an Aussie company.

It really couldn’t get any better.

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