The Weight Series: Why eating outside of these hours makes it harder to lose weight

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Dr Khan has kindly let us share her weight series with us. I hope you find this as interesting and helpful as I did. It’s absolutely wonderful having a professional resource such as Dr Khan, who is extremely passionate about helping us midlifers live our best midlife through menopause.

Dr Khan
Menopause Specialist Dr Khan

Are you struggling to lose weight around your waist?

Many women will notice their body change, in particular stubborn abdominal fat, which starts to accumulate from early to mid-40 and onwards.

Declining levels of Oestrogen, increasing stress levels and lifestyle changes due to modern life are the main predisposing factors. Several women struggle to shift this weight despite vigorous exercise and a strict diet plan.

To achieve healthy weight, we need to have a personalised and holistic approach addressing the root cause of the imbalances that stem from complex interactions between food, exercise, hormones, stress, environment and sleep.

Weight gain and nutrition

Have you found you can’t shift the weight despite eating healthy?

Recent studies show that it’s not only important what we eat but when we eat. When two groups of people were given the same diet, the group who ate in a fixed time within a ‘restricted window’ (12 hour, 10 hour, 8 hour) lost weight comparted to the group who ate from 7am until they went to bed.

In addition, when we eat outside of daylight hours, weight accumulates around the waistline. This is evident in shift workers, especially working night shifts.

This phenomenon is called ‘Time Restricted Eating’ and when aligned with your Circadian Rhythm (body clock), eating anytime after sunrise and stopping at sunset, has shown weight loss, improved metabolism, better sleep, improved brain function and mood.

There is evidence of prevention against chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, mental health disorders and cancer.

Try eating within a 12-hour window for maintenance, fasting during the other 12 hours. If you want to lose weight, then shorten your window of eating to 10 hours or even eight hours.

A typical eight-hour TRE regime would be eating from 10am until 6pm. You can consume herbal tea, etc, outside of the window and still maintain the fast.

  • Watch out for the next instalment – Weight Gain and Oestrogen

Melbourne-based Dr Fatima Khan is highly skilled and experienced menopause specialist who genuinely cares about our hormonal health.