They’re cool, sophisticated, and back big time baby!

polka dots are cool and in fashion
pic credit: @witcheryfashion

They’re back with a vengeance.

Yes, I’m talking about polka dots which I had a love/hate relationship with growing up.

I loved that my gran wore them with such flare, but was I really ready to grow up that fast?

polka dots are cool again

However, come 2018 the polka dot has done a complete turnaround and reinvented itself.

They are cool, sophisticated and come in a range of fabrics, in skirts, pants, dresses and tops. The list is endless, and I am absolutely loving the mix of patterns, the colours and cool aesthetic of mixing winter weights with summer lights.

The best thing about the polka dot is the ability to dress it down, or dress it up. From swimsuits to floaty dresses to a jumper and jeans.

They can also elevate a casual pair of jeans, with heels and a floaty black and white polka dot top. Simple.

cool polka dots in fashion
pic credit: @carmengracehamilton

There are no rules with polka dots. Wear with whatever you like, in the fabric you like, mix them with other patterns, mix with colours and turn up the fashion volume.

The best thing is everyone can wear them!

My personal favourites this season have been a pleat black and white polka dot skirt, which can transition from summer to winter, my polka dot dress, which can be dressed up and down, depending on my footwear (sneakers or heels), and my white floaty top with black dots – it looks great with heels and jeans.

polka cool
pic credit: @tashsefton


  • Buy from the high street stores like Sussan’s, Witchery, Country Road, Sports Girl, Glasson’s (yes I know both Sportsgirl and Glasson’s skew younger, but for basics like tops and tees it doesn’t matter and they are perfect for any age – my tip, if you don’t like shopping surrounded by teens, buy online or go on a Monday morning or very early Sunday when the shops aren’t busy, H & M etc. This way, you won’t need to break the bank to look and feel great.
  • There are no rules, wear them your way, make them unique and have fun
  • You can dress them up and dress down
  • Black and white is always a classic and looks great teamed with a red lippy – a classic
  • Most of all, have fun with it.