Why 50 So What? It was time to stop the stereotyping

50 so what

So, how did 50 So What come about?

There were a few reasons why. The first one was James was 52 and I was in my late forties. All I ever heard was, “Oh, the Big Five-Oh is coming up in a few years. My God! How are you going to handle that?” I just replied “50, so what?”.

I was so flummoxed at why this number in particular caused so many reactions in people. To me it was just a number, and I didn’t want to be defined in a negative way by a number. I wanted to celebrate my age, either heading into 50, or in my 50s. I wanted others to feel positive coming into a new stage of their lives.

50 so what
Naomi Watts, 50
50 so what
J Lo, about to turn 50 in two weeks

We were also disillusioned by the number of websites which were supposedly targeted at mid-lifers (late 40s plus), but once we landed on the site, it was all about incontinence pads, retirement, funeral insurance and pictures of people in their 80s.

The mainstream media had lumped everyone over 50 into one category – and that was seniors. It made my blood boil. Our generation – late forties through to late 50s were being dismissed, chucked into the oldies group.

I was also a bit miffed at advertisers who blatantly pitched their products to 20-somethings and completely left those of us in our late 40s and 50s off their campaigns – the very audience who are the biggest spenders in the country. Well, I wasn’t having a bar of that! I wanted to show them this is a generation of mid-lifers who aren’t the stereotypical.

So instead of getting pissed off, we started our own website.

The content is about us and other mid-lifers our age, at our stage in life; highlighting the good, the bad, and the bloody great. Because we wanted to celebrate midlife, but also have a forum where we could address issues too.

Brooke Shields, 54
Cindy Crawford, 53

I was instrumental in our social media platforms, mostly Instagram, because I wanted a place to celebrate midlife with other female mid-lifers.

Whether that was 48 or 59 or older. If you are coming into your 50s I don’t want to you look at it with dread, I want you to think 50 is pretty damn cool, and if you are in your 50s, I wanted you do look at the site and think, wow, this is us. Midlife is pretty bloody fabulous.

The mainstream media had lumped everyone over 50 into one category – and that was seniors. It made my blood boil.

I do a lot of writing for the website, fashion, wellbeing, beauty, hormones etc. I am a great believer in ageing your way, with no judgement.

If you want to get your face done, do it. If you want to age gracefully do it, but just don’t judge others for their choices, because at the end of the day, if you are happy, then others should be happy for you.

You will see a lot of what I love, what inspires me and the odd picture of me. I’m not a great one for putting myself front and centre, because this site isn’t all about me, it’s about us, other mid-lifers, support, community and most of all being our version of midlife.

Halle Berry, 52
Helena Christensen, 50

Yes, life isn’t all a bed of roses, but we wanted a place where we felt relevant, less put aside and more celebrated. We wanted inspirational, fun and factual. You will find a bit of everything with us.

Jo, Co-Publisher 50sowhat. My midlife
Jo & James, 50sowhat.

You are still relevant, you still matter and you are still important. No more overlooking this generation, because we’re here and we are here to stay, and I am here to celebrate it.

Feel free to share anything with us [jo@50sowhat.com.au], we love hearing from you.


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