Career Reboot: 5 Simple Steps To Get You Back In The Game

How to reboot your career

If anyone knows how to pick himself up off the cubicle canvas it’s former Hollywood executive John Tarnoff.

The author of new book Boomer Reinvention: How To Create Your Dream Career Over 50 admits he’s been fired 39 percent of the time over his more than four decades in the entertainment business.

“I’m trying to de-stigmatise the idea that it’s somehow shameful, because it isn’t anymore,” says John in a recent interview.

John, who has been everything from a Hollywood agent to a distributor and production executive, believes those north of 50 have more to offer than ever.

“You can learn skills, but dealing with people, getting things done, getting people to work together, understanding what the goal is … this is something that comes from age and experience,” adds John, who reinvented himself at age 50, going back to school to earn a counselling M.A. in Spiritual Psychology.

“And confidence in your understanding of how life and people work. We are an invaluable resource at this age.”

John says there are two key factors to keep uppermost in mind when moving in a new direction.

Whatever idea you’ve got about what you want to do, whether that’s something that grows out of the work you’ve done or whether it’s a hobby that you want to move front and centre, ask yourself, ‘is it useful’, says John.

“Is there a target audience for your product or service and will it move the needle for them? And the more niche, the better.”

If the answer is yes to both, then here are John’s top 5 tips to get you on your way:

1. Reframing

You can’t start a reinvention, without reframing: who you are, what you can do and how the world works.

2. Listen

To feedback, to former bosses, colleagues, to get an idea of what you did right, what you did wrong. You build a portfolio of ideas of where you fit into the equation.

3. Accept

Perhaps the most difficult step. The fact is we all have baggage along the way — the good stuff, the bad stuff, the times you’ve burned bridges … These are all lessons so it’s time to start fresh and reinvent yourself from square one.

4. Inspiration

Workshop your way to a career based on your experience, your wisdom and what your preferences are: what you’re good at, what’s going to sustain you and fire you up when you get up in the morning.

5. Connect

It’s not about sending resumes anymore, it’s really about using LinkedIn and developing an affinity group of people who get you who understand where you’re going, and how to get you there.

career tips for over 50

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