Please don’t send pics lying in bed with a ‘sexy face’. It creeps me out!

sexy pics aren't cool

For those of you ready to get back into the dating game in your 50’s I thought an update was in order so you’ll know what you’re in for and can prepare yourself.

It’s not like dating in your 20’s.

Having decided that dating is a little less torturous than being stuck in the eye with a sharp stick I’ve now waded into the paddling pool of the dating scene still feeling a little intrepid about fully submerging myself in the full experience – it’s all a bit murky and anxiety-ridden at times.

The nightclub and bar scene of our youth is not as friendly for us more mature types anymore.

Unless you’re looking for a toy boy the single men are either the local drunks, way too old men with too much time on their hands in retirement, or already sitting next to their dates for the evening. And when I do notice a man that makes my radar go up I realise he’s 28, and that kind of creeps me out a little.

If a much younger man is your thing, go for it. No judgment here.

A whole new world

Then you have the dating websites since meeting men the old-fashioned way is so passé these days.

If you belong to lots of clubs or go to church where you can still meet nice and normal single men that your mum and dad approve of, then I’m totally jealous.

I tried out but it wasn’t really my thing. I’m told that they can be quite successful but I had too many strange men emailing me and stretching the truth that I finally had to pack it in.

There are lots of different sites so don’t let my less than stellar performance dissuade you.  I wasn’t really ready to commit to dating when I tried it.

Then there’s Meet Up. A brilliant idea and app that brings like-minded people together to enjoy sports, hobbies, social events and more.

Of course, I picked the over 50’s singles group and met some wonderful people, mostly ladies, and had a brilliant time.

The women outnumbered the men 10 to 1 so I think maybe I’ll join a fishing group next time and try to make the numbers work in my favour.

However, this definitely has potential, not just for dating but also for your overall social life in general.

Now I’m trying out Bumble. A phone app that gives the ladies more control and power, which I like.

Only the woman can start the conversation if you’ve both liked each other on the site.

Swipe left if you’re not interested, right if you like the look and profile of him.

However, set yourself some rules to follow.

Here are mine:
  • Too many fish photos – left.
  • Big gold chains and/or big cigars – left
  • Only photos but nothing at all about you – left
  • Pictures taken in the bathroom mirror – left (even I have figured out how to take a selfie, plus I don’t really wish to see your toilet in the background)
  • Shots of your naked torso (especially if flexing your muscles) – left
  • Pics of you lying in bed attempting a sexy face – left
  • Any mention of open marriage, polyamory, or the word Unicorn – left.
  • Spelling and grammar errors – left (I know I’m being picky on this one but it drives me nuts – and ok, this may not be the only one I’m being too picky on).

Now if any of these appeal to you feel free to swipe right. You make your own rules.

For me I’m looking for up to date, normal pictures of what the man enjoys and best represents him and a brief description about himself and his interests.

Does he have to be dreamy looking and a CEO – no. Just honest, nice and hopefully kind, and able to carry on a conversation.

Does that make me old or just practical?

I’ll let you know how it goes – I’ve had a few swipe rights and I’m crossing my fingers.


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